Why am I like to listen to instrumental music?

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
3 min readMay 20, 2021

I use instrumental music when I need to focus, it is exceptionally amazing & helps.

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I love pure Instrumental music. Instrumental music is always a go-to for me. I see a deep meaning and feel the meaning when I listen to Instrumental. Sometimes I can understand the rhythm, and what choices were made to make the beat. It feels like I can see the colors of a beat, whereas other people relate with the vocal. but for me, A lot of the time, the music sounds way better when there are no vocals accompanying the ensemble because Vocals tend to be distracting especially to do any important things and instrumental music puts more emphasis on sounds of instruments but the most important reason behind like instrumental music is that nothing hidden meanings and emotions. It’s just a preference.

I really love the fact that instrumental music can have you do your own inner movies or your own visuals to the sound. There are not lyrics dictating what you should feel. Trentemøller

I think instrumental music speaks a lot more clearly than vocal lyrics.

music instrument impact on life:

music has such an impact on my life it changed the way I think about instrumental music. I choose that over vocals at different times and situations but especially while I read the book, work on an important task, and also I’m writing which helps me focus & block out distractions. and Sometimes the Only thing I do Before I Sleep is to drink water, try to listen to instrumental music. it can help to heal what happened with me and fall asleep. I felt a love for instrumental music which creates soul and heart touching and makes me calm and relax when I have any negative and toxic energy around me. Sometimes I can’t express my feelings and current situation so I need any instrumental music to express my current situation and emotions.

My theory:

My theory is that It helps me detach from the build-up of blah and focus up and forget what happened and what is going with me. The problem is when I can’t focus on those things because I like what I’m listening to so much that it becomes a distraction with tears of joy.

The solution:

I listen to pieces I know by heart, but at a low volume so I don’t get too into it. Nothing new. Sometimes I don’t need to listen to anything vocal music, and some emotions are beyond the scope of words. But instrumental music splendidly captures the mood and it helps me focus over background tv or videos playing.

My Favorite instrumental music :

Final Thoughts:

When I do any important thing and work on a task I listen to instrumental music that I think would go well with the current situation. It helps me max out my emotions. So, these are some of my most favorite instrumental music I listened to when I do anything which is important for me and I need to focus on the situation.

maybe it’s so crazy for you but the truth listens instrumental music helps you focus so it’s great as a background for when you’re working on something. also, it’s just so pretty.

I’m not alone, there are some people who also like to listen to instrumental music, I’ve been feeling the same way, trying to relax throughout the day, taking deep breaths, drinking green tea, and listening to instrumental music, helps a little, and Making lists is always helpful too. My music preference builds on my individuality.

Always instrumental, classical, Sufi music during reading, writing and working. Else is for free time.

Feels good.

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