Wake up Oh Muslim Youth!

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readDec 2, 2023

when will your conscience wake up?

Wake up, oh Muslim youth, let conscience arise,

See the world’s reality with discerning eyes.

A biased world, a skewed attitude,

It’s time to awaken, to break the solitude.

Acquire knowledge, not just for worldly gain,

But to elevate Islam, let its wisdom reign.

Degrees not just for jobs, politics to join,

But for the elation of Islam, let hearts conjoin.

Our war is not with race or creed,

It’s against those who want Islam to recede.

The New World Order looms ahead,

Wake up, young warrior, the oppressor to tread.

Community’s awakening rests in your hand,

You, the defender, against oppressors’ stand.

Stand for the rights of the downtrodden,

In your awakening, a beacon is trodden.

Youth indulges in drinks, drugs, and more,

Some even leave Islam’s sacred lore.

It pains to see a Muslim heart astray,

Lost in vices, led far, far away.

Born under the crescent’s glow,

Leaving Islam, how could they go?

But did they truly know their faith,

Or was it misunderstood, a misguided wraith?

Islamic scholars, an ulama of the hour,

Answering questions, wielding knowledge’s power.

Facing the West’s challenges, a daunting task,

Support our ulama, let their wisdom unmask.

Let them delve into the toughest debates,

Equip them to stand against societal states.

Platforms for their research, let’s provide,

In their words, let truth and wisdom coincide.

For in their knowledge, Islam’s light will gleam,

A bridge between faith and the skeptic’s dream.

Oh, Muslim youth, awaken from your sleep,

In knowledge’s embrace, let the wisdom seep.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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