Transformation of Faith

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readJun 3, 2024


From revealing clothes to modest clothes, and Back Again

From wearing swimsuits to wearing modest clothes,

And sometimes going back, everyone knows,

A journey of believing, a change in the heart,

In light and shadow, we each play a part.

With pure hearts and bright spirits,

In modesty, we take our visits,

Moving from one style to another,

Shows our soul's inner flutter.

"Hide your beauty," the Prophet taught,

In modesty, life's wisdom sought,

Change brings peace from deep within,

From outside to inside, our journey does begin.

But tears come for those who stray,

From light to dark, they lose their way,

A story of sadness, of whispers vain,

Where temptations lead, hearts feel pain.

In the Quran's words, we find our strength,

Change inside leads us the right length,

From darkness to light, our souls take flight,

Inner change, shining bright.

Modesty speaks louder than just clothes,

In faith, our true feelings expose,

True happiness in leaving behind,

Worldly things, to Allah, we bind.

For those who trip, we offer our prayer,

Hoping they'll find their way with care,

Back to Allah's embrace so warm,

Finding again their sacred charm.

Every soul's journey, a different adventure,

From deep sea to sky, so pure,

In modesty or under the sky,

Allah sees through our human eye.

In the Prophet's teachings, in Sunnah's grace,

Guided through life's uncertain race,

From one style to another, deep and sound,

In faith and modesty, our souls are bound.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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