To love is to know a heart as a home

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readNov 21, 2022

After thinking for a long time, I realized that to love is to “take care of” is to take a heart that wanders around without a home and to grow with it.

Do you know what is beautiful love?
They say Every soul loves with its own net
They say, To love; knowing a heart is home
I knew your heart as a home.
And I created a small world in her heart.
The most beautiful possession in the world,
wherever you are
you are my home
Your shoulder is my home
You are my Everything
You’re my World
You are the only port where I take refuge
you are my breath
you are my favorite
I belong to you,
my soul is yours
your hand will be in mine
I am your home.
I love you not for a day
love forever the meaning of my life
I loved it well
I always look at you, my one
Whatever happens
You are my trust to the owner of the trust
or you will come to me
or I will come to you
I will come to you even if you say don’t come

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