The Void of Ideologies

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readMay 30, 2023


A poem

In the realm where ideologies sway,

Where politicians vie for the day,

A narrative unfolds, a tale to impart,

Of those who distance not from the heart.

At no point do they stray afar,

From the narrative’s grasp, its ideological spar.

Yet, in the shadows, a light does gleam,

For their beliefs are but a distant dream.

No philosophy guides their path,

No grand vision stirs their wrath,

Their sole purpose, it seems, is clear,

To hold positions for opportunistic cheer.

As the winds shift and values fade,

Their purported ideals, like mirages, evade.

For their ideology knows no bounds,

It is their paramount concern, their crown.

But let us not forget, my friend,

That all politicians have a price to lend.

A price so cheap, it saddens the heart,

For their self-interest tears ideologies apart.

They are individuals void of creed,

Their ideology, a mere love for greed,

Ethics forsaken in the pursuit of wealth,

Their moral compass lost in stealth.

Yet, we must bear in mind, dear one,

That not all possess a guiding sun,

For most people lack a true ideology,

Acting on self-interest, devoid of empathy.

So, let us seek a higher ground,

Where integrity and truth abound,

Where self-interest takes a backseat,

And common good becomes our beat.

In this world of shifting tides,

Let us rise above divisive divides,

Embrace ideals beyond mere gain,

And forge a path where true ideologies remain.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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