The Battlefield of Good and Evil in a World Asleep

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readNov 16, 2023

Empowering the Individual Struggle Against Evil Through the Act of Boycott

In the world where shadows dance,

A war of Good versus Evil, a dire circumstance.

Define the “good,” the “evil,” truth’s mysterious trail,

An objective truth, a subjective veil.

Love and hate, a delicate art,

Which is easier to learn, to unlearn, to impart?

As the battle unfolds, a narrative untold,

Of the oppressed and oppressor, stories of old.

A declaration echoes, a war profound,

Good clashes with evil, the world’s battleground.

Lies and truths entwined, a dance of fate,

A war against Satan, evil’s dire state.

Zionist secrets, a sinister plot,

Playing victim, self-defense sought.

In the region’s heart, turmoil unfurls,

Israel accused, the root of all the world’s ills.

Eight billion souls, a world so vast,

Yet leaders sleep, their courage surpassed.

Muslim nations silent, their voices veiled,

Shameless slumber as innocence is assailed.

Muslim media blinded, military in quest,

Powerful leaders, they earnestly request.

Talks and speeches, tweets in the air,

Formality reigns, while chaos lays bare.

In the challenging arena where Muslims live,

Leaders entangled in worldly tide.

May Allah awaken their dormant hearts,

From the slumber of power, where darkness imparts.

Boycott, a weapon, wielded with might,

Against evil companies, casting them from light.

Genocidal regimes, their support we shun,

Boycott forever, let the righteous deed be done.

On personal levels, actions we take,

For love and peace, a stand we make.

Boycott the evil, let conscience guide,

A timeless commitment, forever abide.

In the end, the scales shall tip,

Truth and justice, from the shadows, slip.

The defenders of right, the oppressed shall rise,

Palestinians and all, victory in their eyes.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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