Sufism Wisdom: Pakistani Punjabi Spiritual Sufi Poet, Scholar, & Philosopher Bulleh Shah’ Kalam Bandiya Mitti Diya (The man of the soil)

Biography of Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah :

Syed Abdullah Shah Qadri (Punjabi/Urdu: سید عبداللہ شاہ قادری‎) (Shahmukhi); 1680–1757) famously known as Bulleh Shah (بلھے شاہ‎), was a Mughal-era Punjabi Islamic philosopher and Sufi poet. His first spiritual teacher was Shah Inayat Qadiri, a Sufi mentor of Lahore. He was a Sayyid/Syed, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.

You have read so many books of wisdom
But you never read yourself.
Bulleh shah

Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah got his early education from his father along with other children. In the later ages, he received higher education from Hafiz Gulam Murtaza, the famous religious scholar lived in Qasur. The famous saint learned not only Hindi, Persian, and Arabic languages ​​but also got religious education.

It is not acquaintance that I dread,
But the indifference to which it may lead
Bulleh Shah

The work of Baba Bulleh Shah is remarkable and reforms the society. His poetry highlights the four steps of Sufism which are Shariat, Tariqat, Haqiqat, and Marfat. He discusses the fundamental issues of human life and covers every dimension of the social and political sphere in his poetry. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh writes in his verse about the poetry of Hazarat Baba Buleh Shah that “after reading the kafi of Baba Buleh Shah my faith in Islam became strengthened.

“I set off to look for horrible people; not a single one did I find.

Eventually I looked within; realizing there is none more horrible than me.”

Bulleh Shah

Bulleh Shah discusses in his poetry, the benefit of getting knowledge and how it is helpful in real life. According to him, the real knowledge came from life experiences and history. In one of his kafi, he learns himself from the course of history and the naked realities of society. He discusses the importance of the knowledge that no one can gain high status in society without getting knowledge and if someone gets knowledge and it takes away from the right path, there is no benefit of such knowledge. He highlights the reality of life that mullah proud to himself after getting knowledge and consider others a low valuable person in society.

Bulleh Shah, I have seen lifeless bodies
walking, roaming, eating drinking.

Bulleh Shah

There was enmity between Mullahs and pundits as mullahs did not like Baba Bulleh shah. It depicts in his poetry that Bulleh Shah does not like mullahs. According to one of his verses, he says that these mullahs are wasted their life in the mosque, their inner side is filled with filth, they are unable to promote unity and they are used to making loud noises.

Anyway!!! I don’t want you all to wait any longer who are keen on the Bulleh Shah’s poetry

Sufi Poet Bulleh Shah’ Kalam Bandiya Mitti Diya (The man of the soil):

My favorite poem and I am keenly interested in Sufi poetry, if you are keen to read Sufi poetry it makes you able to get success in this world and the next world.

English Translation:

Allah Ho
You are made of soil
you have to become soil
why this pride
you are on the soil today
you are under the soil tomorrow
Allah Ho
Ohh, The man of the soil
There, deeds will be judged
Nobody will question your caste
Lies are your ego and multiple faces ( illusions)
You have to face the God one day
Do accurate measurements and weigh
This world is of four days
what will you carry from here
Make Allah your friend if you want to go to heaven
Don’t say “ it’s mine
It is not yours nor mine
This world is fair of four days
then it’s the pile of soil
They put a handful of soil and make your grave higher
They return home reciting some surah ( Chapter of the Holy Quran)
And they do not visit again
Have to leave this hustling bustling court

Death doesn’t look age and Love doesn’t look caste . Bulleh Shah

In this poetry, oh man this world is grave how when and how we will die we will never know, Just Allah Knows about everything.

“On the Day of Judgment the beautiful faces of the believers — those accepted by Allâh — shall be seeing their Lord.

Prophet Muhammad said about meeting Allah as was narrated by Ubaadah ibn al-Saamit and mentioned in Saheeh Bukhari :

“Whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah will love to meet him, and whoever hates to meet Allah, Allah will hate to meet him.”

“And worship your Lord until there comes unto you the certainty (i.e. death)” [The Holy Quran 15:99]

For a Muslim, death marks the transition from one state of existence to the next. Islam teaches that life on earth is an examination-the life to come is the eternal abode where one will reap the fruit of one’s endeavors on earth. Death is therefore not to be resisted or fought against, but rather something to be accepted as part of the overall divine plan.

‘Whoever comes with a good deed will receive ten times as much, and whoever comes with an evil deed will be requited with no more than the like of it’ (Quran 6:160)

Allah will question everyone individually depending on how they lived the worldly life. Everyone’s test will be different from one another. Allah will ask about every single favor we receive in this world. For example on the day of judgment, when the rich people of this world will be asked about “how they spent their money.”, the rich would then only wish that they were never rich in the world. On the other hand, poor people won’t be asked about this favor.

Give full measure when you measure and weigh with even scales.[40] That is fair and better in consequence. (Qur’ān 17:35)

The Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH has also stated at various places regarding dishonesty in weighing and measuring.

There is a valley in Hell which is so hot that even a mountain would melt in it, and Hell itself seeks refuge from it; those who are lazy towards Salah and who do not give the full measure when weighing will be imprisoned in it. (Qurrat-ul-‘Uyoon, p. 391 summarised)

Time is Precious.

Our time in this world is limited. No one knows when we will die. So use time wisely.

O Allāh grant us the ability to plan our each and every day more efficiently and effectively and make our life a means for every aspects of goodness. Ameen

When anyone debates a Muslim they’ll notice that his belief is very strong and they can’t make him doubt himself very easily, hence they ( Muslims) are very religious people and they take offense so much when Prophet Muhammad is being insulted.

Final Thoughts:

The poetry of the Great Saint Hz Baba Bulleh Shah is not only famous in Punjab, Pakistan, but the fame also spreads far & wide, all around the world. Bulleh Shah’s poetry is always surrounded by a compelling aura of omniscience and mysticism. A few of my favorite couplets are mentioned in this story.

It is not acquaintance that I dread,
but the indifference to which it may lead.

Bulleh Shah

Sung by renowned artists, it gained international acclaim not only for its compelling lyrics but also for the multitude of enchanting and transcending compositions that superimposed the central message.

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And all praise and thanks are due to Allah, without Whose help and guidance nothing can be accomplished. May Allah bless you with happiness, success, guidance, health, and knowledge. May Almighty Allah give us the strength to follow the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and make us part of the group who is among the most righteous! Ameen.

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