My Philosophy Behind Using Social Apps & Keen To Follow People

I have some beliefs, principles, and philosophies about different things. I think we need these things to live a happy and peaceful life with our beloved people. I believe that Allah created everyone as different by gender, mindset, and personality, even we are different from our own family parents, and siblings. most time one thing in my mind and try to find the answer.

Being a good person is not hard, but it doesn’t just happen. As much as anything else, we have to want to be a good person and make choices that correspond with our beliefs. No matter where we are in our life, we can make the choice to change. Becoming a better person doesn’t happen overnight, but it is possible. Believe in ourselves and know that it is possible!

“Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Philosophy is important for everyday life. Philosophy can help us find our way in life. It can help us with any questions, give us answers about ourselves and make it easier to understand people who are different from us. Philosophy is a way to cultivate wisdom, self-knowledge, meta-understanding, facilitate wonder, and enhance critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Why do we use social media:

There are many social media platforms and not to mention the most popular ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Skype, telegram, and Tiktok. But we all can agree on one thing they hardly add much value to our lives.

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” David Alston, author

There are many reasons we do things. Exchange of ideas and personal opinions Promote positive works, platform for noble causes like charity, animal adoption, blood donation, helping poor people, connectivity across the globe, Revolution, petition signatures to solve a social issue.

“Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprints and personal brand.” Amy Jo Martin

Of course, These apps can better socialize, interact with people professionally or personally and can easily access or dig out any information in a fraction of seconds, getting better career opportunities and finding their lost relations, and giving a brighter edge to the relations with their family and friends. they are great for staying connected with our friends and relatives but we only get to see one side of the coin. So in order to limit the time spent on them I can mention some platforms which can actually be a valuable and more constructive use of our time if implemented properly.

“Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social.”
Jay Baer

“Social networks aren’t about Web sites. They’re about experiences.”
Mike DiLorenzo

Some people who are working online most of the time can have their connection with other individuals using messages, calls, images, and videos all at once.

“Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.”
Erin Bury

A lot of people are connected to each other with a different blog for example medium etc. It provides information about people which helps you to find people with similar liking and interests. Nowadays people share their every activity with Facebook friends. Thoughts and moods are getting expressed by the status and feel update on Facebook. Another platform like LinkedIn is used for a more professional purpose. There you get to connect with people from your industry.

For me, Knowledge comes first.

Social media is a great source of knowledge, news feeds, beneficial page feeds, and knowledgeable other sources.

Its a better way of connecting with other individuals and the like-minded people.

Overall, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin are my favorite because there give me information insights and exclusivity to interact directly with like-minded people and the world’s top personalities. That’s gives me enough exposure to manage my job as well as life.I reads few blogs on google and medium regularly also.

Why we are keen to follow people on social apps:

To answer this question it is crucial to know what different people mean by “follow.” I think there are many different reasons for different people why want to follow others on their social networks. As above I talked Allah created us as different people with different personalities and mindsets so everyone likes to follow different other people based on their mindset and requirements. Reasons could vary from person to person. But usually, it is because of “admiration”. You follow them because you like their work, you trust them since they seem to be an expert in a certain field.

My philosophy to follow others:

My ideology is to never follow people. Rather I prefer to follow their ideas and creativity because as above said “for me, Knowledge comes first”. There are people on this planet earth that are absolutely brilliant. I aspire to be one of them. So I read other people’s work and their ideas and their innovations. This helps me a lot.

So, never follow people. Follow Ideas

I like to try stuff differently. The majority of people seem to want as many followers on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and other apps as possible vs following. I think I’m going to zag and follow as many people as possible. It will make following timelines harder but I’m keen to hear from diverse voices.

Knowledge = understanding, comprehension, mastery, grasp, awareness, cognition, recognition, appreciation

Knowledge is a combination of different things for example People, experiences and books, etc. In our daily lives, whatever we happen to be doing, if we are open to the world, we will undoubtedly learn something, however small. From a very young age, we are nurtured by our parents to build bricks. They inevitably get knocked down. We learn to build them up again. And so it goes on throughout our lives. Knowledge is building the bricks, and if and when they happen to fall, to get right on in there and learn to build them up better and stronger than before.

On social media, I follow people for multiple reasons, some of which are typical, some of which are unique to that particular person.

I follow different kinds of writers here medium, one that writes answers that sound like my own thoughts and one that writes answers that make me see another side to something. I may totally disagree with their opinion, but they expressed their thoughts so well that I would like to read more of their thoughts. In either case, they have to use proper grammar, spelling and have an interesting writing style.

It is good to follow wise people and learn from them.

Final Thoughts:

Social media has become one of the fundamental needs in today’s world. Social media is important for every single person. No matter from which industry you belong, you should use social media. Social media is an excellent platform to make relations. You can meet new people, connect with friends and family, form a group of people with the same interests. social media gives you opportunities. Many people have talent but are struggling to show their talent to the world.

Well everyone has their own preference to follow someone

Following someone in real life is because uh like their way of talking, uh like their way of thinking, maybe uh like something in them. Maybe uh admire them. Maybe they inspire or motivate uh. May be uh expect to learn something new from them. May we uh expect their help in the future. These may be the main reasons to follow someone.

It depends on whether you like their views on a certain topic. You may agree or disagree with them, but at times the way they express their views is intriguing and so you follow them.

Always see the world with different perspectives which may become you unique from all.

Keep in touch. Finding new and interesting sites.

verily good deeds do away with evil deeds.

And that is a reminder for those who remember.

Be patient with yourself. And Keep learning!!

I will be calmer, I will spread love as long as I can, I will live a spiritual life, I would do what I please no matter what and I would prove my theories.

Always start your day by renewing your intention that everything you do for yourself and your community, whether it be your acts of worship or daily chores. It all has to be merely for the sake of Allah (SWT) and Also, I ask Allah (SWT) to make my work dedicated only to him and forgiveness from Allah (SWT), if I have got anything wrong. It is He who is the Hearing, the knowing.

Finally, İ pray Allah to benefit those who read this article and others, grant me truthfulness in what I say and do, preserve my thoughts and my pen from deviation and guide me in all my affairs.

And all praise and thanks are due to Allah, without Whose help and guidance nothing can be accomplished.

May Allah bless and protect you and your faith Ameen.

Yeah, don’t forget to follow me for more amazing content. Happy Reading!!!

If you enjoyed reading, learned anything interesting, or know anyone who should read this, please feel free to recommend or write a response. I’m always excited to hear from others and learn.

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