My Journey to Became An IT Tech Engineer

“A world without Technology is a world without progress and progress is the fundamental idea of this Universe.”

Information Technology’s Impact on Life:

Information Technology is one of the biggest business industries that have tremendous potential today in our lives. Information Technology is a very wide field that deals with computing, including hardware, software, telecommunications, storage, management, and generally anything involved in the transmittal of information or the systems that facilitate communication.

Professional Career Path in IT:

IT industry is booming these days and hence there is ample scope of progress in this field. Information technology has entered and benefited all sectors of industry. The world of IT offers a variety of career paths in diverse industries.

Well, there are many I’ll just list out the common general ones.

  1. Software Development: Work for developing software products, mobile apps, all sorts of maintenance of software, etc.
  2. System Administration: The job of a system admin is to manage the IT infrastructure. System admin is responsible for the uptime of the servers and applying essential updates, handling requirements of employees related to software.
  3. Network Administration: Managing the network infrastructure of the company, Implementing policies regarding firewalls, routing, etc.
  4. Hardware Engineering: A hardware engineer typically deals with the hardware in the company. It ranges from managing and troubleshooting systems, routers, and any other hardware you can think of
  5. Tech Support: Talking to the clients and troubleshooting issues, providing support on software, and occasionally getting requirements from them.
  6. Database administration: Managing and Creating the databases for the company. Taking regular backups and providing seamless recovery mechanisms in case of failure.
  7. Web Development: Much like software development but in this role you should have knowledge of both front-end and back-end technologies used for creating web applications.
  8. Cloud computing: Falls under system administration as well as development. Responsibility is to manage and develop cloud infrastructure.
  9. Project Management: Much into the later stages, a developer may choose to go into project management, where he/she is responsible for the completion of projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  10. Software Testing: Ensuring that all possible functionality of the software is free from bugs and running automated test cases for the same.

Working the IT Help Desk:

You start your career in technology as you take the first step that you take eventually playing a role in establishing a professional path. It’s down the street for additional responsibilities and advancement opportunities early on so that you can prepare yourself skills and experience to build a solid foundation is necessary.

What is IT help desk services?

Anyways let me try to answer it positively.

MY Journey in IT Career Path:

I started my journey in IT as my first professional career as IT Technician at an international university back in January 2011. Now Alhamdulillah I have more than ten years of experience in IT help services.

In my honest opinion, there will never be an end to Helpdesk jobs. I would strongly recommend you to take up the Tech Support job.

I learned some very important life lessons from my first professional job as IT Technician.

  • People respect you far more for admitting you don’t know something or are uncertain of your skills than they do if you claim you’re a rock star and wind up failing.
  • Start with the basics get to know everybody and make sure people will remember you
  • Try to learn different new technologies as much as you can.
  • The point at which you grow, personally and professionally, is a point that lies outside of your comfort zone. Get into the habit of leaving your comfort zone, and that zone will expand.
  • Try to create and deploy labs
  • Always make note of what you learn if you have time then it's better to write a post on it and share it on medium and other blog sites.
  • Learn as much as you can. Keep learning No matter how tangential your primary duties are, the more you understand who and what you support makes you better.

Final Thoughts:

IT is a fast-changing field where advancement is very quick so one has to update his technical capabilities as per advancement. IT there are many careers say for an example as a technician is also it. An IT Helpdesk technician is a one-stop point of contact that provides centralized information and support management service to handle a company’s internal or external queries.

I hope these lines are OK for you to understand.

verily good deeds do away with evil deeds.

Always start your day by renewing your intention that everything you do for yourself and your community, whether it be your acts of worship or daily chores. It all has to be merely for the sake of Allah (SWT) and Also, I ask Allah (SWT) to make my work dedicated only to him and forgiveness from Allah ( SWT), if I have got anything wrong. It is He who is the Hearing, the knowing.

And all praise and thanks are due to Allah, without Whose help and guidance nothing can be accomplished. May Allah bless and protect you and your faith Ameen.

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“Make your life such a story…that it never loses its glory.”



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