Miracles Signs and Silent Love

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
1 min readJun 1, 2024


Signs Across the Distance

Photo by Christopher Beloch on Unsplash

In the quiet of the night, my heart reaches out to you,

Aydin's shining star, under the vast, blue sky.

I love you still, even after a year of silence,

My love has only grown stronger with time.

Since March 2023, my Allah has been my guide,

The days have been silent, with no word from you.

When the pain is too much and tears fill my eyes,

I pray for strength, trusting in Allah’s plan.

I miss you deeply, my heart aches every day,

But sometimes, I see a sign, a post on Instagram,

A reminder that our bond is still there,

A sign from Allah that keeps my hope alive.

This silence hurts, but I’m learning to be strong,

For in this quiet, our love remains strong.

From Islamabad, my heart reaches out to you in Aydin,

Hoping for the day when silence turns to words.

May Allah give us patience and guide our way,

Until we can talk again and love has its say.



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