Linguistic Journey

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readNov 29, 2023


In the world of words

In the world of words, a dance of memory,

Foreign tongues weave a symphony of treasury.

Beginning on a linguistic journey’s flight,

Countries beckon, bathed in linguistic light.

Meeting strangers, forging ties anew,

Multitasking minds, a skill to accrue.

One language learned, a gateway to more,

University doors open, knowledge to explore.

Impressive it is, a linguistic feat,

Speaking many languages, a harmonious treat.

A constant journey, language ever near,

Not learned or unlearned, but echoes in the ear.

To master the vocabulary, a daily mission,

Practice and discipline, the key to fruition.

At home, a solo venture, a challenging ride,

Yet a teacher’s guidance serves as a guide.

Caution flags for online courses high,

Expensive and limited, the language’s sky.

Childlike wisdom, a path to traverse,

Nouns, the foundation, a language’s spark.

Daily objects named, a vocabulary parade,

Grow it daily, let the language not fade.

Verbs emerge, a dynamic dance,

Conjugate with rhythm, take a chance.

Grammar waits, a patient sage,

Speak the language, let it engage.

Culture’s immersion, a vibrant sphere,

Movies and subtitles, the language draws near.

Podcasts and radio, native voices sing,

Slang and sayings, the real language spring.

Speak, converse, let voices blend,

Online platforms, connections to mend.

Pretend dialogues, a private affair,

Practice makes perfect, so do not despair.

Mistakes, the stepping stones of lore,

Fear not the idiocy, learn even more.

As a child stumbles before it strides,

Your linguistic journey, in mistakes, abides.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

"Versatile Wordsmith | IT Solutions Strategist | Motorcycle Voyager | Multilingual Enthusiast". I’m so deep even the ocean gets jealous