Islamic Ruling on Making New Year’s Resolution & Celebrating New Year Eve

In the spirit of the new year, and hoping to remember how to live our lives as proactive and conscious Muslims

As Gregorian New Year and Christmas close, The annual question of how Muslims should view the celebration of New Year’s Eve inevitably arises again. Many people have the interest to know even sometimes they are discussing and criticizing each other for Muslims celebrating or not celebrating the new year and Christmas and in ways similar to the Christian new year or the new year of other cultures.

I was wondering, are we actually receding backward in this modern age of information and technology? Most people especially the young generation are simply not bothered to find out who we are. I managed to pull together some facts which may help some who are confused on this topic, and wonder whether it is right to celebrate the New Year in Islam.

There are some very important reasons for this that Muslims cannot ignore. Each people have their own culture and days of celebrations.

Muslims have their own Islamic calendar they follow and have their own culture and days of celebrations.

We all know that Islam follows the lunar calendar while Christianity follows the solar calendar. Also, as we know, the Islamic calendar starts from the time The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) migrated from Makkah to Medinah. From here begins the first year of the Islamic calendar known as ‘Hijri’ or Migration. The Islamic calendar was organized and began being presented as a calendar by the second righteous Caliph of Islam, Umar bin al-Khattab. Thus, according to the Hijri calendar (or the Islamic calendar), Muharram is the first month of the Islamic year.

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Is Celebrating The New Year Haram or Permissible to Arrange or Join New Year Celebrations in Islam:

It’s one topic where most schools of thought have a similar opinion. However, some of them may have a different perspective. According to most scholars, it is not permissible for Muslims to celebrate and greet on the Gregorian new year because it is considered an intimation of other religious beliefs and it’s not part of Islamic teachings.

The Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) said:

“Whoever imitates a people is one of them.”

(Saheeh Abi Dawood)

From the Islamic point of view, the Gregorian new year has virtually no existence. Besides, the Islamic New Year is the first of Muharram and that too is not dedicated as a day of celebration. Thus, it does not behove a believer, who sincerely believes in Allah (SWT) and the Last Day, to celebrate a holiday of the pagan or western culture; especially when we have our own rich and proud culture of Islam. To celebrate a day of another culture is in fact to accept their culture and although it may not sound like a big deal, it may just be a start for the person to accept foreign cultures and in time it might influence his own culture.

It is indeed true that the Gregorian New Year has no religious significance; and seems harmless but for a believer, it should not constitute a day of celebration. As it has nothing to do with Islam and its teachings and guidance. It may seem pointless to discuss a different calendar altogether.

The night of December 31st is commonly celebrated around the western world with fireworks and raucous partying. In reality, New Year’s Eve holds no weight in Islam. It originated amongst Roman pagans and over time transformed into a day to celebrate a beginning of a new year.

So, there are virtually no examples where Muslims especially celebrated this day in Islamic history.

Proper Ways to Celebrate New Year:

A good idea to welcome the New Year is to reflect upon the last year, on what you have done to better yourself and your community as a Muslim. It is important that as Muslims we reflect upon ourselves and how we can improve. This night should be a night to reflect and to repent for our past sins. If we can gain one thing from this night, it is making a New Year’s resolution.

There is weight in this. One should look at himself and say a whole year has passed me by, what have I done? Where am I going? what new things am I going to do in this year? How will I make sure that the new year will not be like the previous year? If the previous year meant for me that there was no Holy Quran in my life, there was no Salat in my life or anything of this nature then the new year should be my promise to Allah (SWT) that I will establish these things. If you are going to do anything on new year’s eve. I strongly suggest that you do not but if you feel like you need to do something, then make it a night of worship make it a night where you make promises with Allah (SWT), and make it a night where you make Dua for this ummah.

Umar ibn al-Khattab said;

“Judge yourselves before you are judged, evaluate yourselves before you are evaluated and be ready for the greatest investigation (the Day of Judgement)” (Hassan al-Basri).

Final Thoughts:

A Muslim doesn’t celebrate any of these days like merry Christmas, new year, new year's eve, etc., particularly the Gregorian calendar. It actually means nothing. It has no weight whatsoever in Islam in any way. Shape or form. In short, stay away from it. There is no celebration whatsoever . Do not go to places where the night is being celebrated. Stay away from gatherings that are displeasing to Allah (SWT). where there is mixing, alcohol, anything of this nature stay away from this.

We should start our new year with TAHJJAD prayer and we should be sent unlimited Darood Sharif at our Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH and make Duaas especially for all human beings and for our beloved country.

We should make a reservation that we will spread the message of true Islam- Peace, love,

Your new year’s resolutions are realistic, and that you have good intentions behind them all. Make sure you don’t make an oath or a vow that you can’t keep, as Islam takes these very seriously. And remember: slow and steady wins the race!

The Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) said:

“From the perfection of a person’s Islam is his leaving alone what does not concern him.” May Allah guide us to be consistent in following the teachings of the Prophet.

Just a reminder to non-Muslims. “Islam doesn’t cause division amongst humanity. In fact, It unites people together.”

Always start your day with renewing your intention that everything you do for yourself and your community, whether it be your acts of worship or daily chores. It all has to be merely for the sake of Allah (SWT) and Also, I ask Allah (SWT) to make my work dedicated only to him and forgiveness from Allah (SWT), if I have got anything wrong. It is He who is the hearing, the knowing.

If you enjoyed reading, learned anything interesting, or know anyone who should read this, please feel free to recommend or write a response. I’m always excited to hear from others and learn.

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