How can we grow by education and work in our lives which are so important for growth and a happy?

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
18 min readFeb 27, 2022

The real purpose of education and work is the advancement of oneself and society at large. Both Education and work are what empower us. It gives us the knowledge of the world and allows us to experience life in all its wonderful colors. One cannot truly enjoy living without knowing the wonders surrounding it, to just live is not actually living and only enlightenment makes one feel alive.

Life is a very interesting journey. The period between our birth and death is life. To grow in life we have to nurture it with various ingredients.

As humans need love, health, education, hard work, and some other essential elements to grow in life.

Life is unpredictable. it teaches us Everything. life is full of emotions and feelings. We grow in every stage of life. We grow and learn about different things from our parents and teachers in our childhood. So, our childhood stage can be considered as our initial stage towards the journey of growth and achieving dreams.

Life is the way we look at it. And to grow in life we have to experience it and to experience it we have to accept it happily

Very simple yet very difficult

Life is composed of ups and downs, and we will certainly experience both. sometimes we take a U-turn and start again to reach our destination. that’s what life is all about. it’s a journey full of lessons learned that’s why we have to go through trials and tribulations without the bad stuff we would never grow. Knowing what you can and can’t control gives you a sound understanding for growing through life.

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass… It’s about learning how to dance in the rain. — Vivian Greene

From time to time, We also grow with our experiences. we learn to accept the changes that come in our life. Hard time teaches us the most important life lessons and which help u to make ourselves strong. We learn from failure not from success.

The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life- mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.

Everything grows including plants and things around us in this universe. The moment we stop watering the plant, it stops growing and starts decaying. Similarly, when we stop growing, our life starts to stagnate. In this sense, we can say that our life grows through us. It is a simple life principle we go by. We try to always improve our weaknesses, that is how we grow.

Everything in life helps us grow if we decide so. Life gives us countless lessons, the most important lessons where we can develop and shape our character. we get to choose whether we let the lessons, situations, and circumstances in our life define us, strengthen us or consume us.

Anyone grows in life by facing struggles. In the struggle period, We see life in a very different way. Our understanding increased. We become more mature.

Life demands our next better version on every next level. life shows us the mirror of reality it teaches us to see dreams &achive those dreams. life gives us a purpose in living. And when we are achieving our dream we grow mentally. physically. spiritually every day. Life shows us we are connected to nature deeply. Which helps us to grow.

Read more about why we need the purpose of life.

life teaches us to grow when we allow ourselves to grow as nature quickly adopt the Changes we also need to adopt the changes that come into our life. then only we can grow. Life is simple we insist to make it complicated. A satisfying life is always a happy life.

We need time to grow, and life is nothing the continuous movement of time that is why I say we grow through life. So, either we grow through life or our life grows through us, the most important thing is our yearning to learn and to grow, without which life is nothing but the passage of time starting with birth, to childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood, to old age, then to its final destination the grave, intertwining with emotional pains and pleasures.

Importance of Why Do We Need to Education and work in our lives:

When I started thinking about why education and work are so important. So, Well !!! Most of us have grown up being taught the importance of education and work. The pursuit of education and work are some of the most crucial aspects of life. There’re many cases where education and work experience are important in our lives. Work and Education are comprised of activities consisting of services and community development in various areas of human needs.

Both education and work play a pivotal role in all of our lives and pave the way for all of us to reach our highest potential. When we talk about the importance of both education and work in life, it is extremely important to understand what is education? In this blog, I explore their importance of them in life, the significance of modern terms, and its many aspects.

Read on it. I’ll hope you enjoy and learn something new from my food of thoughts and experiences !

1. Education:

The first thing that strikes our minds when we think about education is gaining knowledge. Education means studying in order to obtain a deeper knowledge and understanding of a variety of subjects to be applied to daily life. A good education is necessary for our life because it makes us develop our personality, as well as socially and economically. It is a weapon to improve our life. A person without education is understood as an animal.

Education is the passport for future , for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

It is the important tool one can receive that can bring one the most success in society today. It lessens the challenges human beings will face in life. The more knowledge we gain the more opportunities will open up to allow individuals to achieve better possibilities in career and personal growth. We all know that education is the key to success.

Everyone deserves to be educated. Education is the first early investment for child development. As we grow up, education can help us to develop as people, learn new life skills, and improve our knowledge. All of this information is then carried across into our daily lives as an adult, helping us to become better, more informed citizens and enabling us to lead happier and more successful lives.

Similar, for governments and nations, to make their country developed, their first budget allocation has to be on the education infrastructure in schools and colleges.

Education is Career, Training, lesson, Knowledge….

Education is a tool to get anything. It is not limited to just knowledge from books, but can also be obtained through practical experiences outside of the classroom. It makes us who we are. It helps you understand the difference between right and wrong.

Education does not mean a degree but an ability to learn, to observe, to question, to hypothesize and to deduce.

It is very important to us because it is Light. Light, because it overshadows the darkness of ignorance, It helps one to be certified in a particular field which gives room for one to make a living by working in our field. The importance of Education which can be formal or informal can not be overemphasized.

A child is born as I write this. All the potential of that new life is as yet unknown. Every day that new person lives, their potential rises or falls by the weight of the society, culture, government, and people where they live. Education is the most efficient tool ever devised by humanity to ensure that child’s potential rises. All the successes that children may know, and humanity benefit from them, depending on that child’s chance to use their abilities to best effect. Education is an exponential increase in those chances.

Islamic Perspective about education:

Education exerts a very important place in Islam and I will be very happy in sharing the Islamic perspective about education’s importance in Islam. No ideology places as much emphasis on education and knowledge as much as Islam does and makes the seeking of knowledge and implementation of what has been learned incumbent on both men and women. Knowledge and education are to be taken here in every field.

“God will exalt those of you who believe and those who have knowledge to high degrees” ( Quran 58:11)

A form of education is mentioned in Quran we can’t get a job by acquiring knowledge of the Quran but we can spend the happiest life just by following the knowledge of the Quran.

O my Lord! Increase me in knowledge” (Quran 20:114)

Quran gives us the best way of living our lives and it also tells us about our future. Quran teaches us about everything related to our lives and helps us at every point of life if anyone learns something from Quran then he or she can be the best person and can have a golden life.

The Quran verse ‘Iqra’ means to ‘read’ to educate yourself.
Just think about it! The first word of the Quran is to ‘READ’, to get ‘knowledge’, to educate oneself and another. To stay United in every circumstance. To follow the instructions of Prophet in a disciplined manner.

There are many more Quran verses and hadiths that are accepted by all schools of thought.

“the ink of the learned man is holier in Allah’s eyes than the blood of the martyr”.

Islamic education is uniquely different from other types of educational theory and practice largely because of the all-encompassing influence of the Quran and Hadith. The Quran and Hadith serve as a comprehensive blueprint for both the individual and society and as the primary source of knowledge.

“Search for knowledge is the duty of every Muslim. Verily Allah loves the seekers of Knowledge”.

My concept is that as long as Islam's view on higher education is very positive. Actually, it encourages everyone to gain knowledge and does not specific to what limit. The Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH has narrated to have said that seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim, male and female. Therefore, in theory, Islam looks favorable towards all kinds of education.

The Importance of Positive Parental Involvement in Education:

As my personal beliefs that Parents are responsible for every detail of their young children’s lives. As I already said everyone learns from their parents and teachers. Parents are the first Gurus or mentors of every child.

Many parents say that too much parental involvement in a child’s education can be a bad thing because they mistakenly believe that their children’s education is entirely in the hands of teachers’ jobs to get their kids to take their studies seriously.

They think it is someone else’s job to instill in their kids a love of knowledge and a curiosity about worthy things. They blame TV, school, app developers, and many others but they, themselves, do not “own” this problem. and about half of those with school-age children say they are satisfied with the level of their own involvement in their children’s education.

“Education isn’t a genetic meritocracy. It’s mostly parenting and privilege at play.”

Children naturally Imbibe several characteristics of their parents and so, it’s not wrong to say that they will develop all the negative traits of parents too.

When such is the situation, parents must understand that they need to follow certain disciplines when they are expecting their children to be disciplined. For Instance, Parents watching TV and spending their time-consuming entertainment, and expecting kids to study is something which is unfair to expect from kids.

Instead, help our kids with their studies, exercise, meditate, eat healthily. Develop positive habits so that our kids would learn the same from them. what most parents would do is practice unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, eating junk to name a few, and expect their kids to behave differently.

Kids are going to be a reflection of their parents. So, it's better we engage in productive activities like helping them study, exploring different things together, finding answers, solving puzzles, playing, etc which not only helps the kid to grow holistically but also builds a strong bond with each other.

Parenting can have a HUGE impact on a child’s education. Children are the future of any country. When the children get proper education, they grow up to be responsible and productive citizens. Children are like seeds that need to be nurtured with quality education. Education for children is a necessity in this ever-growing world. Getting an education is the birthright of every child.

We, humans, are more receptive to learning in our growing years. What we learn as children remains with us for the importance of education in life. All the knowledge we gain in our developmental stages builds a foundation of what we learn in our later years. A good education can lead to a strong mindset and healthy cognitive makeup. Thus, the education that is to be provided to children has to be carefully monitored.

2. Why we need to Work:

As we’re human beings and different by each side from each other. So different people have different beliefs, need, and want to work in their lives. Different people like different things and want and do to achieve their dreams.

Every living creature needs to work to provide themselves with food, shelter, and safety. Humans have learned to do this collectively so their work provides something that society needs. Even plants need to work to sustain themselves sending out roots and leaves to collect sunlight, nutrients, and moisture from the soil. Work is an essential part of life itself.

There are some different aspects of work, work as productivity measurement and work as an achievement. Any activity of mankind can be termed as work. All the senses and many parts of the body can’t remain idle, because, the very basis of its creation is to do some work. Everybody needs food and shelter to survive, which will not be available without searching for it. Searching for any item is also work. Animals and plants also come under this. Mankind’s wants are more than other living beings, and they work more to meet their ends.

The wider world will always be a mess. But around work, we can sometimes have a radically different kind of experience: we get on top of a problem and finally resolve it. We can bring order to chaos in a way that we rarely can in any other area of life.

Why do we love our job:

There’s no worse feeling than having to return to work five or six or seven days a week. There are so many different professionals and different people who love different works. It’s one of the most relatable feelings across the world. However, some people do really enjoy their work and look forward to coming in to work every day.

Many people think that work is the opposite of fun, But reflecting on the nature of work and the nature of fun, we may arrive at a different answer. Work doesn’t feel like work when we love what we do, enjoy the people with whom we work, and feel appreciated for our contributions.

There are many from whom their job is their passion. They work hard hours after hours with dedication without any sign of frustration. We must first identify the works which we like and then do a job in a similar field so that we should not get tired.

Hundreds of millions. Their occupation is part of their essence, their make-up, who and what they are. Their work is their identity, and in this they find comfort.

Anyone who can reach excellence in their fields without feeling burnt out or regretful later must love what they do.

The truth is love whatever your job is…

Every day spent with these tiny tots is a treat for life. And I find no reason to dislike a job.

Reasons Behind why love their jobs:

There are some people who love their jobs and in the same way, there are so many people who do not love their jobs. There are their own some reasons behind why they do not love their jobs.

Anyway, let’s start a discussion on it.

  1. Alignment between personal values
  2. Personal development and growth
  3. Challenge and professional development
  4. Contributing to a larger purpose
  5. Highly Paid work
  6. Makes good use of your skills and talents

Importance of Career Plan and Process:

it's important to find our passion in our life or else we will be living a life that we will not like and that will automatically affect all the other important things in our life. So it's important to find what we like and don't like and start working from the beginning itself.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” Benjamin Franklin

Career Planning is as important as any other planning. Even big businesses do the planning. There are whole job roles and profiles in Business and Financial Planning.

Career planning is one of the primary activities one should do at the beginning of their career. This planning gives us clarity and will help us keep ourselves accountable. With strict discipline and clear goals in mind, one can achieve success in their career.

It is important to come up with our career planning as it gives us the much-needed direction and makes it clear there where we see ourselves in the future. It makes us aware of our strengths and weaknesses and the skills and knowledge that are required to achieve our goals in the future.

There are so many online platforms available that can help you in your career planning.

One of the most important advantages of career planning is that it allows you to keep up with job trends, emerging technologies, and market demands.

Keep an ongoing journal or record of your achievements and the training and development activities you have done. Include any work experience you gain and outline what you learned from the experience. Retain any letters or other communications that provide feedback about your work or other matters, and refer to them when you apply for new positions. Reflection and documentation provide assistance with ongoing career strategy planning.

Many people find a loose-leaf ring-binder is ideal as a career planning journal, but choose a system that works for you. The journal will help you understand your career development and will be a useful resource when you apply for new positions.

3. The importance of knowledge & Experience:

Knowledge is power. It is a popular proverb. It means that knowledge is more powerful than any other physical strength. It empowers people to achieve great results and leads to success. Knowledge helps to succeed in any field. The proverb means that true power comes from knowledge. There is no end to knowledge and there is no limit to what a person can learn. Even complicated problems can be solved if you have the knowledge of solving them. It is considered as the superior strength in gaining success. Therefore knowledge plays a vital role everywhere. The reason is that it helps us to think for ourselves.

As for life here. It presents reasoning to our understanding for our knowledge we have placed with such importance beyond a consequence that would truly be accepted as to the defined.

Knowledge, we couldn’t do anything without it. But more importantly, it’s not all about what we know it’s how we feel about what we know.

I think it is important to have both experience and knowledge. We use experience and knowledge in life, whenever we do something. Knowledge is used for everything, and experience is used when we need to do something. With knowledge, we can learn and get experience. Experience helps earn knowledge.

To me, they are both important, but I think knowledge stands out to me more than experience. If I want to choose one of these, it’s knowledge, it is nothing but understanding of something or someone, skills, facts learning the new things. Sometimes it can be learned by experience also.

Experience is also the best teacher for us. When we commit a mistake, we do learn something, that is an experience.

To end up by adding Newton’s quote,

“the only source of knowledge is experience.”

So both of these are important parts of life…!!

It helps us to make decisions, solve problems, and understand the world around us. Without knowledge, any intelligence you have would be useless.

Final Thoughts:

This post is wholly based on what I have experienced in my life. The best thing about life is we’re constantly growing, learning, teaching, and doing what we love as work, Following our dreams, falling in love, being optimistic, and enjoying life to its fullest. Life is a journey of growing and learning key from life is the vision we determine to never give up and the key is everything happens for a purpose and God has his plan.

That is it.

Everybody is doing all this over and over.

Life provides a platform to perform this knowledge and gain benefits. Most knowledge as we understand it comes from realizing the benefits of realizing knowledge. As long as this system of patterns is in place, humans are capable of learning.

Anyone grows in life by facing struggles. In the struggle period, we see life in a very different way. our understanding increase. We become more mature. So don’t feel down, if any issues are there. Be strong and go ahead. A better life is waiting.

I believe education can change perspectives, provided us want to change. we can solve our problems once we realize our mistakes. The first purpose of our education system must be to produce qualified citizens and leaders for society.

Tarbiya, real Islamic moral training, must be an integral part of it. This must be the soul of our education, not a ceremonial husk. All plans for improving our education will be totally useless unless they are based on a full understanding of this key fact. This requires revamping our curricula, rewriting our textbooks, retraining our teachers, and realizing that we must do all this ourselves. We do have a rich history of doing it.

Education is very important nowadays. It is the main part of the life on which the life of the person depends. People do huge investments in the education of their children so that they can become better people who we respected in society. All the parents want their child to be good in everything and they do this through education. As through education their children comes to know about the goods and bad of his life and tries to become more good in the society by doing good things. Without education life of the person is nothing as it makes them capable enough to do jobs and avail employment opportunities. Employment is only possible through education and it makes the child stand on his own foot. They can earn through education not only money but also respect in society.

Value-based education is defined as education that is based on values so that it becomes more meaningful. The combination of education and values makes the students learn better and be more capable to earn with dignity. It raises his standard in the society and also the value of his education status enhances with the values. Value-based education should be the main motive of the schools nowadays and the teachers should also contribute to it by being spiritual and loving.

It’s my opinion, anyone can have a different one than this. We should think twits about higher education and professional career before choosing. If anyone is stuck or confused then it is better to discuss with someone's teachers, friends, or anyone who can give you a golden piece of advice.

Our Skills and experiences are important to get a highly paid job or earn if we start our own work.

Try to learn new things each new time when you have and want to learn something new anything and technology. Because Knowledge always helps us to find a good and happy lifestyle and achieve our dream.

I hope you will enjoy it and this post helps you to find the right way to achieve your dreams.

verily good deeds do away with evil deeds.

And that is a reminder for those who remember.

Be patient with yourself. And Keep learning!!

I will be calmer, I will spread love as long as I can, I will live a spiritual life, I would do what I please no matter what and I would prove my theories.

Always start your day by renewing your intention that everything you do for yourself and your community, whether it be your acts of worship or daily chores. It all has to be merely for the sake of Allah (SWT) and Also, I ask Allah (SWT) to make my work dedicated only to him and forgiveness from Allah ( SWT), if I have got anything wrong. It is He who is the Hearing, the knowing.

Finally, İ pray Allah to benefit those who read this article and others, grant me truthfulness in what I say and do, preserve my thoughts and my pen from deviation and guide me in all my affairs.

And all praise and thanks are due to Allah, without Whose help and guidance nothing can be accomplished. May Allah bless and protect you and your faith Ameen.

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“Make your life such a story…that it never loses its glory.”

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