Hijab of Men

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
1 min readDec 2, 2023

The Poetic Discourse on Men’s Hijab in Islam

In a world where misconceptions weave,

Hijab’s truth, let’s gently retrieve.

For both men and women, a sacred call,

In the Quran’s verses, echoes for all.

Pages unfold, tales yet untold,

Guidance for hearts, virtues to hold.

Men, in the forefront, a profound plea,

Lower your gaze, let modesty be.

Not just attire, a woman’s domain,

Men too, in virtues, must remain.

Character’s cloak, conduct refined,

A spiritual Hijab, in hearts enshrined.

Differences clear, in roles we find,

Respecting all, a virtue aligned.

Yet society’s lens distorts the view,

Hijab for men, a truth overdue.

Physical, social, and eyes that see,

Boundaries set, in modesty be free.

Guardians of virtue, a shared decree,

A call sincere, for both him and she.

Prophet Yusuf’s tale, a beacon bright,

Modesty prevailed, in Zulaikha’s night.

“If you shy from a stone’s gaze,” he said,

In Allah’s maze, let modesty spread.

In a world of mixed perceptions, strive,

Let Hijab for men, in hearts revive.

Guided by Quran’s wisdom, let’s soar,

A symphony of virtue, forevermore.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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