Halal is Halal, and Haram is Haram

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readMay 7, 2023


as mentioned Allah in Quran, there is no argument or justification for this.

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Halal is Halal, and Haram is Haram,

In Islam, there's no justification or charm.

The Quran clearly defines what is right and wrong,

And in matters of the heart, it is where we belong.

Haram relationships, are a path to destruction,

Leading to pain, confusion, and corruption.

It's important to understand, what is allowed,

To protect ourselves, from the harm that's disavowed.

A warning from Allah, Haram relationships are not allowed,

Indulging in what's forbidden, is a spiritual shroud.

To seek what's pure, is the teaching of the Quran,

To protect ourselves, and remain on the right plan.

Islam guides us, to seek pure and lawful love,

A bond that's blessed, by Allah above.

A love that's built on respect, honesty, and care,

A love that's pure, and in Allah's sight, rare.

For Haram relationships, are a path of pain,

Leading to hurt, confusion, and shame.

To seek what is lawful, is what we're taught,

To build a love, that's blessed and not fraught.

So let's remember, the guidance of our faith,

And strive for love, that's pure and safe.

Halal is Halal, and Haram is Haram,

To seek what's pure, is a spiritual charm.



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