From Fragrance to Character

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readNov 19, 2022

The good character of a person can be identified by actions and morals. This good character becomes fragrant, then this fragrance of character will pervade the hearts of people far and wide.

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Smelling clothes with perfume is not a big deal,

It is far better to smell the character.

The scent of character is very strong.

Its smell can be felt far and wide.

Now look at the flowers,

They cannot speak,

But they can be identified by their fragrance

Just as every flower has its own fragrance

And wherever it is open,

Its fragrance reaches us through the air

And they convey

Their message to the hearts with their fragrance.

The fragrance of good deeds,

Good thoughts,

Good character,

Good deeds and good morals reach other

This is what good character is all about.

Keep life as beautiful as flowers

While it lasts

Fill the fragrance of these flowers with our character

Flowers have a profound effect on a person’s personality

But here just remember as I said

A person’s character is like a flower

If once it is broken by the branch,

It cannot be reattached.

As long as the flower remains attached to the branch,

It retains its color and fragrance,

Which adds to its beauty and charm,

But When it is separated from the branch,

It loses its color and fragrance.

This example of the flower is also the same,

As an example of our personality

The fragrance of good character does not last forever

This fragrance lasts as long as

We avoid diseases

Like arrogance, malice, and jealousy.

Until good words come out of writings

And are included in actions and characters,

Then neither we ourselves will change

Nor the world will change.

Until we clean up our character,

All our claims are false.

We can deceive people

With the smell of perfume on our clothes,

But until our character smells good,

The Lord of the worlds will not be pleased with us.

So, protect our character more than our health.

More than we are affected by ourselves,

We will see smiles everywhere in life.

Life will see us smiling everywhere

Final thoughts:

What is more beautiful than walking among the people and oozing from us is the fragrance of our beautiful character. Some people can’t if they try to eliminate the scent of our character, Winning over it also puts mud and by the movement of the wind, that smell again reaches far away.

May Allah protect us from these diseases and always keep us under the shadow of His mercy. Amen



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