Eternal Housing Scheme


Life’s journey is a preparation for a peaceful eternal home…… shaped by our deeds .

In the graveyard's small plot, where you'll rest,

Arrange everything before you go west.

Electricity, gas, water, and air,

Prepare it all with loving care.

Follow these wise sayings from my pen,

"Harm not others," let kindness resound.

In this journey spiritual and true,

Let good deeds guide all you do.

From Quran's wisdom, find your way,

In the end, your deeds will say,

How you lived, and what you've done,

In the eternal journey we all must run.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

"Versatile Wordsmith | IT Solutions Strategist | Motorcycle Voyager | Multilingual Enthusiast". I’m so deep even the ocean gets jealous