Discovering Meaning in Nothingness

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readMay 31, 2023


A poem

Sometimes, in the silence of our souls,

We find nothingness, an empty hole.

In the vast expanse, void of meaning,

We search for everything, endlessly dreaming.

In the depths of nothing, we seek it all,

Yearning for purpose, to hear destiny’s call.

Yet, the more we grasp, the more we tire,

As our spirits wither, consumed by the fire.

Sometimes, we chase illusions of grandeur,

Believing that abundance will cure the fracture.

But in our pursuit of material gain,

We realize emptiness, a hollow refrain.

The weight of expectations bears us down,

Weary souls, burdened by a heavy crown.

For in the quest for everything we desire,

We find ourselves lost, consumed by the mire.

And as exhaustion settles deep within,

We yearn for respite, a chance to begin.

To find solace in the simplicity of now,

To release the need for everything somehow.

For it is in embracing the nothingness,

That we discover the essence of blessedness.

In stillness and surrender, we can be free,

To find peace in the present, eternally.

So let us rest, in the arms of the night,

Replenishing our souls, embracing the light.

For in the space between everything and naught,

We find the strength to heal, to be taught.

Sometimes, in the weariness we face,

We learn to appreciate life’s gentle grace.

To find contentment in the simplest of things,

And awaken to the joy that each moment brings.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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