Despite our differences on so many fronts, nature is teaching us we can live together in peace and still remain beautiful.

The basic building block of peace and security for all peoples is economic and social security, anchored in sustainable development. It is a key to all problems. Why? Because it allows us to address all the great issues-poverty, climate, environment and political stability-as parts of the whole. Ban Ki-moon

Multinational Naval Exercise Aman 2021

The multinational maritime exercise “ Aman (Aman means Peace. )Naval Exercise” organized by the Pakistan Navy in the Arabian sea concluded on 16 February 2021. The Aman Naval exercise is conducted by Pakistan Navy after every two years and these Aman exercises bring the tunes of peace and tranquility together, International Band Display of participating nations, won the hearts and minds of all, aiming to connect countries through cultural legacies.

KARACHI: Navy officials present salute during the flag-hoisting ceremony of multinational naval exercise Aman-21 at the PN Dockyard in February 2021.

Pakistan Navy National Song | The Call of Peace

Pakistan Navy has been released a brand new track ‘The Call of Peace’ with Urdu and English combination in February 2021, for the multinational naval exercise Aman 2021. This is gonna be a really interesting song and carries a powerful message of peace, love, and resolve for a collaborative approach. This song expresses the glory of Islam and Pakistan.

what an amazing song that explains fully the landmark global perspective of Pakistan.

I think peace would be born from the true acceptance of others. many different religious beliefs groups and others tend to preach peace and not war but never truly accept their counterparts and lives unity together and helps each other because Together we shape the future.

A powerful, positive message of peace for the region and world, inspiring.

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