Crafting My Heart’s Song

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readFeb 18, 2024

I’ll craft a poem to express what I feel,

In the passage of time, a year has flown,

Yet, in my heart, your presence has grown.

Not a moment passes, not a day goes by,

Without thoughts of you flying high.

Oh, how I miss you, my dear, my light,

In the depths of longing, you shine so bright.

Throughout this year, Allah’s signs did appear,

Guiding me closer, making your image clear.

I’ll craft a poem to express what I feel,

In each word and line, my emotions will reveal.

Like the gentle breeze that whispers your name,

I’ll write lines of love, igniting hearts with flame.

With every step you take, I’ll follow your trail,

Turning earth into sky, without fail.

Stars will dance in the path you tread,

In your company, the world is adorned and nourished.

I’ll chase butterflies and fireflies too,

Capturing beauty to present to you.

Colors and lights, fragrances divine,

All for you, in this heart of mine.

Like a storyteller, I’ll weave stories anew,

Of fairies and queens, all for you to view.

Will you listen, my love, to the stories I weave?

In each word, my affection, I’ll cleave.

For if you say so, I’ll take you away,

To lands of enchantment, where dreams hold play.

In the city of stories, where love’s whispers flow,

With you by my side, our hearts aglow.

So, let me write such a poem, my dear,

To awaken desires, to make them clear.

For if you say so, I’ll pour out my soul,

In lines of love, making us whole.

Yes, if you say so, my love, I’ll abide,

In the beat of your heartbeat, side by side.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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