Bulleh Shah Magic “ Parh Parh Ilm Hazaar Kitaaban “ Yes, You Have Read Thousands Of Books ( Translation )

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To read all the books to be read and yet still be clueless.

Pakistan Famous Sufi Poem Bulleh Shah

Today I am going to share with you one of the masterpiece Sufi poem by bulleh shah. Before I continue, to understand the depth of this song, one may need to go through this part of Bullah Shah’s life:

Who is Bulleh Shah?

When Punjabi Mystical Poetry is articulated, the name of Bulleh Shah cannot be left behind. Bulleh Shah was part of the great Sufi poet, a humanist, and a philosopher who goes through his life finding solutions to real-life sociological issues. Given the turbulent times the medievals have been, teachings of Bulleh Shah found root with people hence establishing him as one of the most fondly remembered names of that time. He is an inspirational heritage of our region who lived in Pakistan from 1680 to1758. He found Hazrat shah Inayat, a well-known Qatari Sufi. His given name was Abdullah Shah, Bulleh was a nickname and it is the name he chose to use as a poet.

Undoubtedly, Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah is the “King of Sufi poetry”.

Perhaps the most difficult question about poetry for me till date. Bulleh Shah’s poetry is always surrounded by a compelling aura of omniscience and mysticism.

Bulleh Shah Magic :

“ Parh Parh Ilm Hazaar Kitaaban

Yes, You Have Read Thousands Of Books ( Translation )

my favorite couplet mentioned below.

paRh paRh ilm hazaar kitaabaNqaddi apnay aap nou paRhiya naeejaaN jaaN waRhday mandir maseediqaddi mann apnay wich waRhiya naeeaa-vaiN laRda aye shaitan de naal bandeaaqaddi nafss apnay naal laRiya naee

Translation :

Yes, yes, you have read thousands of books but you have never tried to read your own self you rush in, into your Mandirs, into your Mosques but you have never tried to enter your own heart futile are all your battles with Satan for you have never tried to fight your own desires.

these lines are literally relatable to me.

I think this is perhaps Bulleh Shah’s most quoted poem and my most favorite. Each and every line is true and meaningful. Every time emerges out as a masterpiece. Poetry with depth by Baba Bulleh Shah. I like this since my childhood. This is a drug for me, I’m addicted. I’m obsessed with this Sufi poem.

The meaning of this song made me down to think about true beloved and this song is much needed in today’s world because, in this poem, Bullah tries to teach us that true knowledge derives its source from one’s own inner self and also establishes a deeper and honest connection with ourselves. He asks If we have read inner self. The implied answer is clearly “no”.

Bullah teaches us to fight and control ourselves inside rather than looking out for the satanic crew. He believes that evil comes from inside of us, so we must learn to control it.

kadi apne aap nu parhya nahin.” These phrases always catch me, humble me. doesn’t give you license to not study. you have read thousands of books but you have never tried to read own yourself.

Reading about something and implementing it in your actions/ words is an entirely different thing. We only imbibe change when we experience it in our interactions and real-world experience.

Final thoughts :

Most of the greatest Sufi we’re taught about spent their whole lives learning. In this poem, each word is a feather to add to the wings you need to fly to Him.

I learned from this masterpiece poem that I can not always control what goes on outside, but I can always control what goes on inside. Being yourself is more important than fitting into society and fight for what you want.

Feels good.

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