Born into Accusation

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readJun 13, 2024


I never got to meet my mom. The Zionists took her away. Maybe they’ll come for me too. But the world just watches as they take lives, without saying a word or doing something that matters for humanity.,News%20late%20in%20the%20day.

Newborn Baby:

I am newborn, my mother slain by Zionist bombs,

What crime have I committed in these fragile moments?

Zionist Prime Minister:

Your crime is existence, you are Hamas in our eyes.

Newborn Baby:

How can I be Hamas, born just an hour ago?

My cries are innocent, I seek only comfort.

Zionist Prime Minister:

In our ideology, every Palestinian is Hamas.

We defend our Zionist creed, our every right,

And deem Hamas as devils, terrorists to be purged,

For our safety, we extinguish each Palestinian life.

The world stands with us, for Israel's self-defense.

Newborn Baby:

But what of justice, what of humanity?

Is the world blind to our suffering, our cries?

Zionist Prime Minister:

The powerful define right, and in might we find our justification.

Newborn Baby:

What Muslim world is doing???

Zionist Prime Minister:

The Muslim world watches in silence,

Their leaders, mere spectators in this grim theater.

Political puppets, military marionettes, they move as the West dictates,

Muslim in name, but their hearts are bound by foreign strings.

Even within, some voices echo Zionist rhetoric,

Ignoring the slaughter, dismissing the cries of the innocent.

Newborn Baby:

In Palestine, faith remains unshaken,

Their dhikr of Allah a whisper in the wind,

While we, in our weakness, fail to act,

Unable even to boycott the products of oppression.

I write with a bleeding heart, afraid of judgment,

How will we stand before Allah and His Messenger?

May Allah strengthen our faith,

Protect the innocent souls,

And awaken our hearts to justice and humanity.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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