Born in Life’s Grand Journey

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readNov 26, 2023

Birth, Choice, Age, and Maturity

In the symphony of existence, a man emerges,

Born of birth, perceived through lenses,

Society's demands, an unspoken creed,

Plucky, lionhearted, in every deed.

Philosophers and poets, their ink unfolds,

The Society Man, war history holds,

In responsibilities, his joy is found,

Not in the applause of the world around.

Birth grants maleness, a choice refines,

Age and maturity, the path defines,

A journey to assert, shoulders wide,

Manhood's vast responsibilities abide.

Not just a beard, nor pants alone,

A gentleman’s spirit, deeply sown,

Silent tears and sacrifices worn,

In life’s grand journey, a man is born.

For those who strive, their families they tend,

Gentleman's title, their actions commend,

In a society that perceives strength alone,

Forgetful that men, too, have hearts to own.

Men perish silently, carrying strife,

Pains hidden deep to preserve their life,

In duty's shadow, obstacles embraced,

A man's journey, with challenges laced.

Some altruistic, placing others first,

While others tarnish, in mud they're immersed,

Society's gaze, a change it seeks,

To view men as humans, not towering peaks.

In hunger, some men sacrifice,

Their families fed, their own device,

A plea for understanding, a call to see,

Men as they are, not what they seem to be.

Let's alter perceptions, support and embrace,

Diligence over judgment, let kindness trace,

Give them space, not burdens to bear,

Share joys and sorrows, show them care.

Extend hands of help, not marks of disdain,

When tears fall, offer a shoulder, not disdain,

In this journey of life, love and appreciate,

Our men, our companions, don't underestimate.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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