“Being born different “

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readFeb 19, 2022


A poem

I know,
that my story will change
Other people’s perspectives & hearts.
Let’s me tell you
that I’m not afraid
To show me to the world, anymore.
I know I’m worth it
and It’s hard to prove that.
Most of the time
I receive negative comments from others.
Just because of my appearance,
I was born differently from them.
Who cares what they say,
you are who you are
If you allow yourself to see it,
you shine the brightest by far
So don’t put down that sparkle,
don’t turn away
Be confident, be yourself,
and be respectful of others.
If you love yourself,
everything is possible.
The new era is starting
it’s on its way
So pick up your weapons,
this is your fight too
You don’t know
the biggest changes can start with you
And being independent is my biggest challenge
I’m trying to change other people’s perceptions of us.
I don’t think that
my disability is something that,
Stops me from doing things
Let’s me tell you
one thing about myself
I’ve achieved a lot of things that
people without disabilities might not be able to do it.
I feel that people with disabilities need
To be represented in more ways.
you’ll not be afraid to do your own things.
And you’ll not care about
what other people think & say.
I’m proud of myself as I know I should be
I’d care for you as you should for me
You don’t know me or my story
To me,
I am just an ordinary person
To others,
I was born differently so now you know

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid 19–6–2019 11:09 Am



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