Alive Green Heart


Keep alive heart by the bounty of nature

Finding magic again

Soul truth is glistening

In nature’s whole heart

When I’m surrounded by greenery

And I go near nature

Great jubilation comes to my heart

I suddenly feel more alive as

If the greenery makes me also green.

There are a lot of thoughts

And want to write


To be clear

This is not poetry

This is the science of art feelings and words

How it difficult

to express feelings in words

It is because

There is more oxygen

Even more life

Such a serenity

Such a solace


In the sick race of civilization

Where there is pollution

And also everywhere more noise


Actually, most of us tend to forget

Our inner rapport

With the silent nature

I can’t describe

How heart-soothing bird song is there.

How vibrantly green alive

Even magnificent

The greenery suddenly appeared

I understand

Pausing to inhale

To focus on the beauty around me


My inner soul is alive

The GREEN of these fresh beech leaves,

So!!! vivid,

Pure and alive.

It made my heart come back alive

I feel

I am a lively person

Give me a chance

To discover me inside me

To improve me

In right way

Because I am a good person

But not perfect

Even More

I am an alive green heart person

And my intentions are good

Like Colors of the greenery smear my mind,

With the attitude of green,

That makes my heart swivel,

Slowly and consistently absorbing sunlight

Water and nutrients from my environment

Every day I'm growing quietly

without anyone noticing

Because I am a quiet person.

I am a simple person.

I remain humble,

The honest,

The Faithful

The truth to the dream in my heart

My heart breathing

The beats of the rustling greenery

The love that

I sow reaps in heaps

Pulling me into the depth of beauty

Tugging me into becoming who I am meant to be…

I realize

There is green greenery inside me

I pretend

I am like a tree

That is planted

By the rivers of good intentions

I believe

Green nature has perfect trust

I always try to keep the alive heart

By the bounty of nature



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

"Versatile Wordsmith | IT Solutions Strategist | Motorcycle Voyager | Multilingual Enthusiast". I’m so deep even the ocean gets jealous