Adopt this single formula to lead a happy and successful life.

I bring you here an opportunity to discover the secret formula to lead a happy and successful life together through our CREATOR “ Allah’s beautiful names, just to build an everlasting bond with Him. Asma-Ul-Husna protective holy armor healing to our soul and blessings to our lives.

Asma Ul Husna (The Most Beautiful Names):

The 99 names of Allah are called ‘Asma-Ul-Husna’ (Pronounce Asma ul Husna) which in Arabic means ‘The Most Beautiful Names’, are the Names of God which are described in the 114 Surahs of Holy Quran and Sunnah, amongst other places.

The names and attributes of Allah are not limited to ninety-nine. He is infinite which means His names and attributes are infinite. These Islamic names are attributes of Allah SWT by which We (Muslims) regard Allah in Islam. Allah has revealed His names repeatedly in the Holy Quran primarily for us to understand who He is and we believe in Allah in accordance with His beautiful names and attributes. We as Muslims cannot expect to worship, love, fear, and trust our Lord, The Almighty Allah if we don’t know who He is.

ALLAH said :

So remember me; I will remember you. Quran 2: 152.

“And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them…” Qur’an 7:180.

The prophet Muhammad (SAW) said about Asma-Ul-Husna; ALLAH has 99 Names whoever remembers and embraces these names of ALLAH Almighty will go to paradise (Heaven).

Sahih al Bukhari-Book 50 Hadith 894.

99 Names of Allah Benefits:

We as Muslims believe in Almighty ALLAH and also that the Asma-ul-Husna has some virtues and benefits to each of the 99 names of Allah recited accordingly. Some have specific descriptions of how you’ll recite it and can even become part of your dua (pray) routine. We as Muslims recite the names of Allah daily in our prayers for protection, good health, comfort, wealth, etc. And also help you earn sawaab (Reward) by recalling the names of Almighty ALLAH.

Here, you will learn 99 names of ALLAH with meaning in English.

  1. Ar Rahman (The Most Gracious) الرحمن: Reciting it 100 times after every obligatory prayer will enhance memory and awareness. The reciter will feel the burden vanishing away from his heart.
  2. Ar Raheem (The Most Merciful) الرحيم: Reciting it after Fajr prayer 100 times will keep the person safe from all tribulation. Moreover, he will find everyone benevolent towards him.
  3. Al Malik (The King) الملك : Recitation of this name after Fajr prayer will make a person become rich.
  4. Al Quddus (The Most Holy) القدوس : Agitation never comes close if someone recites it 100 times every day.
  5. As Salam (The Ultimate Provider of Peace) السلام : The sick will regain his health if this is recited to him 160 times. It also keeps the frequent reciter, of this name, safe from all types of tribulations.
  6. Al Mu’min (The Guardian of Faith) المؤمن : Reciting it 631 times will keep you safe from anguish.
  7. Al Muhaymin (The Guardian, the Preserver) المهيمن : This purifies the soul of a person, if it is recited 100 times after taking a bath and offering two rakaats of prayer.
  8. Al Aziz (The Almighty, the Self Sufficient) العزيز : Recitation of this name 41 times after Fajr prayer will make the person independent from others and will earn respect.
  9. Al Jabbaar (The Compeller) الجبار : Whoever recites this name several times will not be forced to do anything. He will be safe from cruelty and hardship.
  10. Al Mutakabbir (The Dominant one) الْمُتَكَبِّرُ : The one who recites this name frequently will earn respect and gain success.
  11. Al Khaaliq (The Creator) الخالق : Allah will assign an angel to guide the person righteously if he recites this name 100 times continuously for a prescribed limit of 7 days.
  12. Al Baari (The Maker) البارئ : This name only signifies that Allah created all things in proportion.
  13. Al Musawwir (The Fashioner of Forms) المصور : Recite this name 21 times and do a Damm on water. Continue this for 7 consecutive days. Use the water for breaking the fast. Insha’Allah, the women will soon be blessed with a child.
  14. Al Ghaffaar (The Ever-Forgiving) الغفار : Sins of a person will be forgiven if it is recited frequently.
  15. Al Qahhaar (The All Subduer) القهار : This name will provide the person with inner peace and will lead the person to the correct place.
  16. Al Wahhaab (The Bestower) الوهاب : Reciting it frequently will remove poverty. Reciting it 40 times in the last Sajadah of Chasht prayer will relieve the person from starvation.
  17. Ar Razzaaq (The Ever-Providing, The Sustainer) الرزاق : The person will be provided with livelihood by reciting this name.
  18. Al Fattaah (The Ultimate Judge, The Opener of All Portals, the Victory Giver) الفتاح : The reciter of this name will be given success and victory in every aspect of his life.
  19. Al Alim (The All-Knowing, the Omniscient) العليم : The heart of reciter will be enlightened with the light of Nur.
  20. Al Qaabidh (The Restrainer, the Straightener) القابض : This finishes poverty from the house if it is written, and eaten on 4 pieces of food till 40 days.
  21. Al Baasit (The Expander, the Munificent) الباسط : Repeating this name 10 times after Chasht prayer and rubbing hands with face will no longer be dependent upon others.
  22. Al Khaafidh (The Abaser, The Demeanor) الخافض : Allah will fulfill the need of the person who recites it 500 times. It also acts as a guard from all enemies if a group of people sit in the gathering on the fourth day of fasting and recite this name 70 times each.
  23. Ar Raafi’ (The Exalter) الرافع : The one who recites this name 101 times in day and night will get wealthier and will be highly regarded in merit.
  24. Al Mu’izz (The Giver of Honour) المعز : Reciting this name 140 times after Maghrib prayer either on Monday or on Friday, Allah will make him majestic in the eyes of other people.
  25. Al Muzil (The Giver of Dishonor) المذل : Reciting this name 75 times will protect the person from those who wish to harm him.
  26. As Sami’ (The All-Hearing) السميع : Allah will fulfill the desire of a person who recites this name 500, 100 or 50 times on Thursday after Chasht prayer.
  27. Al Basir (The All-Seeing) البصير : For the enlightenment of heart and soul, recite this name 100 times after Jummah prayer.
  28. Al Hakam (The Judge, the Ultimate Arbiter) الحكم : Secrets will be revealed to the person who recites this name frequently at night.
  29. Al ‘Adl (The Utterly Just) العدل : People will obey you if you will write this name on a piece of bread on Friday.
  30. Al Latif (The Kind) اللطيف : To make your affairs get settled accordingly to your will, recite this name 133 times daily.
  31. Al Khabir (The All-Aware) الخبير : Reciting this name regularly will make a person a righteous man who is indulged in wrong things.
  32. Al Halim (The Forbearer, The Indulgent) الحليم : Write this name on a piece of paper and wash it with water. Use that water for sprinkling things. This will keep the things safe from all types of damages.
  33. Al-‘Adheem (The Magnificent, the Infinite) العظيم : To earn respect and honor, recite this name several times.
  34. Al Ghafur (The All-Forgiving) الغفور : This name works as a cure for headache and fever.
  35. Ash Shakur (The Grateful) الشكور : The person will be relieved from all the suffering if he recites this name 41 times daily.
  36. Al Ali (The Sublimely Exalted) العلي : The one who keeps this name written on a piece of paper will achieve a high rank and success in all his work.
  37. Al Kabir (The Great) الكبير : The reciter of this name 100 times daily will be esteemed by everyone.
  38. Al Hafidh (The Preserver, The Protector) الحفيظ : Recite this name and do a Damm on water. Give the water to the ill mannered child. He will become obedient.
  39. Al Muqit (The Nourisher) المقيت : Reciting it many times will keep him safe from problems and difficulties.
  40. Al Hasib (The Reckoner) الحسيب : The one who recites this name 7 times and do a Damm on himself, his property and family will come under the custody of Allah.
  41. Al Jalil (The Majestic) الجليل : Repeating this name frequently will help a person attain respect and honor.
  42. Al Karim (The Bountiful, the Generous) الكريم : To earn a lot of respect in this world and Hereafter, recite this name many times before going to sleep.
  43. Ar Raqib (The Watchful) الرقيب : Recite this name seven times and do a Damm on yourself or your family. This will ensure the safety under Allah’s protection.
  44. Al Mujib (The Responsive, the Answerer) المجيب : If you want an answer to any of your appeal, then you will get it if you recite this name frequently.
  45. Al Wasi’ (The Vast, the All Encompassing) الواسع : Allah opens the doors of income if someone recites this name many times. His difficulties in earning be vanished.
  46. Al Hakim (The Wise) الحكيم : This name, when recited, removes difficulties of the work.
  47. Al Wadud (The Loving, the Kind One) الودود : This name helps in resolving a disagreement between two people if one gives the other person food after reciting this name 1000 times in his food.
  48. Al Majid (The All Glorious) المجيد : This name bestows a person with glory.
  49. Al Ba’ith (The Raiser of the Dead) الباعث : This name makes a person God fearing and therefore, it leads him to the righteous path.
  50. Ash Shaheed (The Witness) الشهيد : Recite this name 21 times with the hand placed on the head of the disobedient person. Insha’Allah, he will become obedient.
  51. Al Haqq (The Truth, the Real) الحق : If you lost something, then recite this name.
  52. Al Wakil (The Trustee, the Dependable) الوكيل : Allah will protect that person from drowning or burning in fire if he recites this name frequently.
  53. Al Qawiyy (The Strong) القوي : This keeps a person safe from the harm of the enemy if he is unable to defeat the enemy.
  54. Al Mateen (The Firm, the Steadfast) المتين : This helps a person to get rid of all types of troubles.
  55. Al Wali (The Protecting Friend, Patron, and Supporter) الولي : Reciting this name makes the person closer to Allah.
  56. Al Hamidu (The All Praise Worthy) الحميد : The one who recites this name will be praised and loved.
  57. Al Muhsi (The Accounter, The Numberer of All) المحصي : This name provides ease to the person if he is afraid of being questioned on the Day of Resurrection.
  58. Al Mubdi (The Producer, Originator, and Initiator of all) المبدئ : A pregnant woman will be safe from danger while aborting if she repeats this name several times.
  59. Al Mu’id (The Reinstater Who Brings Back All) المعيد : Reciting this name 70 times will bring the person who has left home within 7 days, safe and secure.
  60. Al Muhyi (The Giver of Life) المحيي : This name reduces the burden of a person if recited 7 times every day.
  61. Al Mumit (The Bringer of Death, the Destroyer) المميت : This name destroys the enemy completely.
  62. Al Hayy (The Ever Living) الحي : The reciter of this name will have a long life.
  63. Al Qayyum (The Self Subsisting Sustainer of All) القيوم : The one repeats this name will remain active.
  64. Al Waajid (The Perceiver, the Finder, the Unfailing) الواجد :This name increases the richness of heart.
  65. Al Maajid (The Illustrious, the Magnificent) الماجد : This name enlightens the heart of its reciter.
  66. Al Waahid (The One, the All Inclusive, the Indivisible) الواحد : Reciting this name 1000 times in silence alone will vanish the fear from the heart.
  67. Al Ahad (The One, the Indivisible) الاحد : Secrets will be revealed to the person who recites this name 1000 times.
  68. As Samad (The Everlasting, The Eternal Refuge) الصمد : Allah will fulfill all the needs of the person who recites this name many times.
  69. Al Qaadir (The All-Capable, The Most Able, The Most Powerful) القادر : Allah fulfills all the desires of the person who recites this name often.
  70. Al Muqtadir (The All Determiner, the Dominant) المقتدر : The reciter will become aware of the truth.
  71. Al Muqaddim (The Expediter, He who brings forward) المقدم : Reciting this name on the battlefield removes all the fear and keeps the person safe from harm.
  72. Al Mu’akhkhir (The Delayer, He who brings backwards) المؤخر : Reciting this name in the heart for 100 times enriches the person’s heart with the love of Allah. All his world desires will be removed as no other love will ever replace his heart.
  73. Al Awwal (The First) الأول :If recited 40 times for 40 days, it will give a child to a family who is not blessed with one. Moreover, a traveler will reach home safe and sound if he recites this name 1000 times on Friday.
  74. Al Aakhir (The Last) الآخر : The reciter of this name will have a good life and a good death.
  75. Az Dhaahir (The Manifest; the All Victorious) الظاهر: The reciter’s heart will be enlightened with Noor (the divine light) if this name is recited 15 times after the Jummah prayer on Friday.
  76. Al Baatin (The Hidden; the All Encompassing) الباطن : With the recitation of this name for only three times every day, he will be able to know the truth in all things.
  77. Al Waali (The Patron) الوالي : This name keeps the house safe from all dangers.
  78. Al Muta’ali (The Self Exalted) المتعالي : Whosoever recites this name will become closer to Allah.
  79. Al Barr (The Most Kind and Righteous) البر : This name will make the future of the child of reciter free from misfortune.
  80. At Tawwaab (The Ever-Pardoning, Ever Relenting) التواب : Dua’s are accepted if this name is recited frequently.
  81. Al Muntaqim (The Avenger) المنتقم : This helps gain victory against enemies.
  82. Al ‘Afuww (The Pardoner, The Forgiver) العفو : This name helps a person in the forgiveness of all his sins.
  83. Ar Ra’uf (The Clement, The Compassionate, The All-Pitying) الرؤوف : Allah blesses the one who recites this name more often.
  84. Malik Al Mulk (The Owner of All Sovereignty) مالك الملك : This name gives respect to its reciter among people.
  85. Dhual Jalal wa Al Ikram (The Lord of Majesty and Generosity) ذو الجلال و الإكرام : This name removes poverty and makes a person rich.
  86. Al Muqsit (The Equitable, the Requiter) المقسط :This name provides protection from the harm of a devil.
  87. Al Jaami’ (The Gatherer, the Unifier) الجامع :With the power and glory of this name, you will be able to find lost things.
  88. Al Ghani (The All Rich, the Independent) الغني :Reciting this name 70 times will make a person free from all needs.
  89. Al Mughni (The Enricher, the Emancipator) المغني :Reciting this name 1000 times for ten consecutive Fridays will make a person become self sufficient.
  90. Al Mani’ (The Withholder, the Shielder, the Defender) المانع : Recitation of this name 20 times at bedtime provides a happy family life.
  91. Ad Dharr (The Distresser) الضآر : This name helps a person in gaining peace if it is read 20 times on Friday nights.
  92. An Nafi’ (The Propitious, the Benefactor) النافع :This name gives success on every good act if it is started with the recitation of this name for 41 times.
  93. An Nur (The Light) النور : This name enlightens the inside of the person.
  94. Al Hadi (The Guide) : 1100 times of the recitation of this name makes a person fulfill his needs.
  95. Al Badi’i (Incomparable, the Originator) البديع : To gain relief from any type of distress, a person should recite this name 70,000 times.
  96. Al Baaqi (The Ever Enduring and Immutable) الباقي : To ensure that all your good deeds are accepted, recite this name 100 times on every Friday night.
  97. Al Waarith (The Heir, the Inheritor of All) الوارث : A person will remain safe from sorrow and distress if he recites this name 100 times after the sunrise.
  98. Ar Rashid (The Guide, Infallible Teacher, and Knower) الرشيد : To complete a task you are unable to do, recite this name 1000 times between Maghrib and Isha prayer.
  99. Al Saboor (The Forbearing, The Patient) الصبور : The person will be rescued from his difficulty if he recites this name 3000 times.

There is nothing more sacred and blessed than understanding the names of Allah and living by them.

The Recitation of Allah 99 names:

These below are some of my most favorite recitations is here to stir your soul like me which I would like to listen to at different times, my admiration increases. I don’t know how you felt after listening to it. it feels like it’s just being a very spiritual moment where you are just sitting there and just completely focus on The names and attributes of Allah and their meanings. Every time you hear you just feel uplifted and especially if you recite something so spiritual as this, it also shows it’s many different sides to A Allah that you believe then. These versions of Asma-Ul-Husna are so beautiful that the tears come out naturally.

Put headphones with full volume and listen to any one of them. Trust me those moments gonna be mind-blowing.

Best Reactions on Asma Ul Husna :

These are some reactions from different people around the world on the most beautiful and full of spirituality Asma-Ul-Husna. All these people were feeling emotional after listening to it. Their reactions are more honest than bright light on a sunny day.

Similar feelings and emotions after listening to Asma-Ul-Husna from these amazing people; “ It the most impressive version of Asma-Ul-Husna that was very different than what I was expecting it’s a piece of magical and I really have enjoyed every single thing I’ve heard so far. Everything just felt very light and yeah I would say magical as the very empowering. An extraordinary, effective performance to bring from tongue to heart, heart to life. Their passion for Allah comes across so well in their faith. “.

British High Commissioner to Pakistan and digital diplomat Dr. Christian Turner, shared Asma Ul Husna on Twitter. He said “ recites The 99 Names, an expression of hope, reassurance, & healing in these difficult times on Twitter.

What a positive reaction from these amazing people. I am very impressed to see that these people are reacting to Asma-Ul-Husna and their thoughts. Indeed your few minutes’ reflections on Asma-Ul-Husna are better than thousands of mental well-being and calmness webinars. I appreciate the fact that all these and others recognize the power of the spoken 99 names of God Allah and how it can impact persons, whether they are religious or not religious. But the power of those words resonates in our hearts.

Final Thoughts:

Each and every name of Allah has so much beauty and depth which is hard to describe. Every time you ponder over anyone or his attributes, it opens a new door to His beauty and you feel closer to him. whenever you feel depressed, listen to Asma-Ul-Husna. The zikr of Allah’s names will definitely help you. I’ve heard is to use Asma-Ul-Husna as starting points to help develop and better your character. whenever I think at any of those Asma-Ul-Husna names. they give me hope. they help me find myself and help me find him.

The nature of the human heart requires reassurance. How much do we beat ourselves up over this in every aspect of our lives? But this is literally how Allah created us. This is what makes our complete reliance on Him empowering and peaceful.

I wish to share my Asma-Ul-Husna’s pray which aims at seeking Allah’s mercy through his divine names. It is true that if we understand the attributes of the names of Allah we realize how supreme Allah is and how much humility should we have in our Prayer. My intention of writing this post is to glorify Allah via his names and to make the readers of this post ponder on the meaning of the names of Allah and share the art of making Dua with Allah’s name.

by knowing Asma-ul-Husna, you know Allah better. When you know Allah better, you will love Him more. You have better trust and faith in Allah.

Keep spreading the love.

yeah, don’t forget to follow me for more such amazing content. Happy Reading!!!

If you enjoyed reading, learned anything interesting, or know anyone who should read this, please feel free to recommend or write a response. I’m always excited to hear from others and learn.



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Writer | network engineer | Traveler | Biker | Polyglot. I’m so deep even the ocean gets jealous