A Poem for You

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
1 min readMay 31, 2023

A poem

This poem was made just for you,

A testament of love that rings true.

Written with care, heartbeats in each line,

A gift of words, a love divine.

What if you, rising with the dawn,

Were as important as the sun’s early yawn?

What if the birds, their melodies in flight,

Sang their songs to bring you delight?

What if the moon, with its gentle glow,

Dotted the sky just to see you below?

What if you started believing, without a doubt,

That all of this magic was what life’s about?

“What if” transformed into “I am”,

Embracing the truth with open arms.

Of course, you do deserve love and more,

A soul deserving of all that life has in store.

So let this poem be a gentle reminder,

Of the beauty and worth that lies inside her.

You are cherished, admired, and adored,

A unique spirit, forever adored.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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