A Natural Be Ourselves

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readMay 16, 2022


A poem

Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

Take a moment to think about something true reality

Think about the reality of the sheer diversity of the world

Think about a different race, color, religion, and culture around us

Think about the different things we do to make a living

Think about the different ways we spend our time

Think about how we all in our own unique way to chose to share our lives and feelings with other

Think about our own flaws and bad sides which may be hurt other

Think about the reality that nobody is perfect or ugly or bad

Unfortunately will all the diversity around us

Maybe we can’t help to fix them

But one thing can do it noticed and realized

Maybe it’s a lack of individualism

And beliefs in the brand that’s being ourselves

Acceptance is everything in our lives

In all honesty, nobody maybe not wrong

Everything comes at a cost

That cost is we

If we all accept who are we as an individual

Whether it’s our beliefs or personality or anything

We have essential accept that

Acceptance and success are worth

What we stand for as an individual

Let's put some thoughts into it

We are natural who was born with the natural ability

An ability to do different things in different natural ways

The true fact is there is no one with the same ability to be a better

The way we are better in this specific ability

It’s our ultimate advantage that make us unique

Besides some unique abilities,

We have also some shortfalls

Maybe those shortfalls are enduring the possible hardships And facing some risks

İts normal which come with ourselves

İt’s also able to face and win this game

When we go with being truth ourselves

İn the end, we are the winner

We have chosen ourselves over acceptance on all sides

İt’s just ourselves had chosen to be part of the awesome story

İt’s an achievement itself

it’s can make us proud

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaidbb16–5–2020 10:59 Am



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