A Life of Luxurious Simplicity

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readFeb 4, 2024

Luxury, not in having a lot of things,

In the soft talk of a calm morning’s grace,

A luxurious life finds its peaceful space.

Keep it simple, joy’s enduring light,

Not just wealth, but a heart so light.

No fancy castles or extravagant clothes,

But a restful night’s sleep, a treasured wish.

The freedom to pick, in everything you do,

A treasure trove that lasts forever.

Healthy meals,a treat for the spirit,

An abundance of happiness, bringing completeness to the soul.

In nature’s hug, a peaceful place is found,

Long walks and bird songs, a tranquil sound.

In the company of loved ones, time well spent,

A luxury beyond material intent.

Spiritual mindset, a compass so true,

Guiding through life’s complex journey.

Books that enlighten, words that inspire,

A dance with knowledge, taking us higher.

Expression unrestrained, a gift so grand,

In the simplicity of life, we get it.

Day naps, like moments to reset,

A meaningful conversation, a memory to beget.

Time to learn, to grow, to expand,

A helping heart and hands, a gesture so grand.

Luxury, not in having a lot of things,

But in treasured moments, meant to forever.

In the world of simple living, perfection we uncover.

Life woven together like a beautiful quilt.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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