A Journey of Turkish Language

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readMay 30, 2023


A poem

11 PM at night, in front of my screen,

Seeking Turkish lessons, a language I deem.

With a desire to learn as fast as I can,

Thoughts swirling, contemplating my plan.

The Turkish language, a captivating art,

Where Urdu and Turkish share a heart.

Words intertwine, creating a bond,

A connection I cherish, a response fond.

Yet, I must confess, I’m not well-versed,

In Turkish grammar, I’m immersed.

Starting from scratch, a beginner’s plight,

Embarking on this linguistic flight.

Learning Turkish, an endeavor profound,

Witnessing languages, worlds interwound.

They say learning a language is both joy and strife,

A wondrous challenge, shaping one’s life.

Time and practice, the keys to unfold,

The secrets of Turkish, its stories untold.

Consistency, the guiding light,

Through dedication, mastery in sight.

Don’t fear the errors, for they pave the way,

Each mistake a stepping stone, come what may.

Keep on practicing, tirelessly persist,

In the pursuit of fluency, I insist.

I hold onto hope, Turkish learned with ease,

Every hurdle conquered, as I please.

For there’s no limit to what I can pursue,

When determination fuels my view.

So, at 11 PM, in the depths of the night,

I embark on this journey, embracing the light.

To unlock the beauty of Turkish’s embrace,

And let its melodies dance with grace.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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