A Journey of Faith

Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
2 min readMay 30, 2023

Trusting the Unseen

To trust is a treasure, priceless and rare,

A bond that withstands, through joy or despair.

More valuable than love, some may not comprehend,

But in time, its worth shall truly transcend.

Love, a flame that burns with passion and fire,

Yet trust is the foundation that it does require.

For love without trust is a fragile affair,

Like a castle built on sand, destined to wear.

To trust is to believe, to have faith in another,

To let down your walls and open up like no other.

It’s a delicate dance, a leap of the heart,

But trust blooms and strengthens, never to depart.

Love can ignite, like a spark in the night,

But trust keeps it burning, a guiding light.

For love can waver, in moments of doubt,

But trust weathers storms, it doesn’t fade out.

In time, you shall see, the truth that unfolds,

How trust surpasses love, as it firmly holds.

Love may dazzle and blind, like a radiant sun,

But trust, oh trust, it’s the steadfast one.

For trust brings peace, a tranquil embrace,

It bridges the gaps, in any time or space.

It nurtures the soul, it heals and repairs,

And in trust’s gentle presence, love truly dares.

So remember, my friend, as life’s chapters unwind,

To trust is more valuable, a gem you will find.

Love may intoxicate, with its allure sublime,

But trust, oh trust, stands the test of time.



Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

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