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Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid
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Explained Everything With A Mind-Blowing Concept & Purposed

Hello Dear Readers and followers, welcome back to my new story, I hope all’s well. Today's post is about my journey in writing. There are some of my friends and also some others who are curious and even some asked from me in last month after published some recent post here on medium and one my bestie suggested to me to write about my journey and how were my experiences etc. So, after meeting with him. I had decided to write about it.

I am going to start with one of my favorite songs.

Be Patience and Stay connected till the end.

Life is a journey. Live and learn each day.

It is very simple. In that essence yes Life is journey with full of experience of small journeys like we can complete education but knowledge can never be completed, we always passenger till the death who is gaining knowledge. Knowledge Is Certainly Not Power. Applied Knowledge Is Power.

Learning is an art. it makes our minds better every day. There is no specific thing to learn each day of our life.

we can learn anything every day. We will improve with each day with this small act we do. It could be a shortcut for a command we use every day on our computer or an easy way to solve a problem in our life. It could be anything. we will actually feel better as well. Give it a try and see for ourselves.

The more interested we are in learning something, the sooner we learn. It depends on age, fields of interest, mobility, contacts, and places of learning.

Learning can happen in a day but mastering them need practice.

I see life as a journey in becoming ourselves and our life an expression of art in the world- with the potential to shine in new and ever creative ways.

Becoming is different from proving. Becoming means that we are constantly evolving into more and more of ourselves. The longer we are on the planet, the more opportunity we have to become.

Become what? Fuller. Richer. More experienced. More compassionate. More loving. More we.

That is so exciting to me- how we will grow and what we will evolve into- and what all the different stages will look like throughout one lifetime.

So, a creative way is writing about different things at different times and sharing my opinions and thoughts on those different things and situations and also sharing my past experiences and also express my feelings and emotions about different times as well even if it's one of the hard things to express feelings in form of some words.

“I only write when I’m inspired, so I see to it that I’m inspired every morning at nine o’clock.” Peter De Vries

Writing is my philosophy even though I think it's the philosophy for everyone. Anyway, it's my thinking about it. you can disagree its OK. in the end we are different human beings with different gender, personality, and mindset.

The Philosophy of Writing:

Writing anything like a poem, article or book is not rocket science but it has a process most of the time writers just write according to their knowledge but as we know it’s not enough to make an impact.

“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in.” Robert Louis Stevenson

We have already covered the importance of the writer’s notebook, but we cannot overlook the equally important aspect that is reading. it gets our minds working across different areas.

Aspiring writers who develop strong reading habits will learn a lot from the books they consume. The goal behind reading to writing will depend upon their ambitions as a writer.

You Have to Be a Reader If You Want to Be A Writer

A writer must-read books both for pleasure and with the mindset that they’re investing in their own writing craft. The art of reading like a writer does not come instantly; A writer must work at it.

“Reading is the springboard to writing.” Joyce Carol Oates

Reading allows a writer to study other writers in order to shape their own style. Joyce Carol Oates is a firm believer that reading other writers can inform and elevate one’s own work.

Our most important job is to deliver great stories to readers.

It’s essential, though, to read with a purpose. Study the ways different writers tackle different subjects. Reading different styles of books can help us focus on the mechanics and stylistic choices that make various genres of writing work.

The hardest part about writing is… well, writing.

By making reading a fixed part of their regular routine, a writer can continually expose themselves to new ideas and techniques and recharge their creative juices for their next writing assignment. The truth is that reading is most productive if it becomes a daily habit.

Most working writers partition time in their day for reading, just as they set aside time for writing, editing, and rewriting. A disciplined reading habit gives they the daily opportunity to happen across ideas that inspire them and they may be able to channel that inspiration into a new written work written in their own words.

The best writers are masters of their minds . this is how they use mind mastery to create fame and fortune.

Writing is a learned skill, a writer doesn’t leap out of the womb, pen in hand, shouting, “Get me some paper quick, before I lose this brilliant idea.

Writer and reader can all learn from each other.

First, a writer has to learn how to form the words, then they have to learn to link them together, and finally, they have to make the whole meaning. The learning never ends for professional writers. This is particularly true when it comes to online content creation because the internet and the different platforms are constantly evolving.

“When you have wit of your own, it’s a pleasure to credit other people for theirs.” Criss Jami

The price for success is that a writer has to develop the right mindset. a writer has to believe they can write as well as the best. Plus they have to dedicate themselves to learning everything they need to know. It’s that growth mindset that opens the door to a career as a successful writer.

Words, ideas, language, and communication, these are vital components of writing.

They have to think of themselves as a curious researcher bent on continuous and never-ending knowledge accumulation. And they have to continuously put their knowledge to work by exercising their fingers on their keyboard.

Write & Publish on an Online Web Platform:

The web is the most broadly utilized source for sharing and assembling data. On the off chance that there is an actuality or assessment about anything, there is a decent risk we can discover it online. There are a couple of particular advantages to composing articles and posting them on the web.

The most essential advantage is gaining from others’ encounters and learning. This is the genuine reason articles ought to be composed. When we are making data with the potential gathering of people of the whole world, it is certainly vital to consider the truths and how precisely they identify with our own particular assessments and encounters. Shockingly, there are some who manhandle this incredible instrument by composing articles and posting data that is not precise or valid in any sense.

There are many different platforms where people registered themselves, write on different things, and publish there.

One is the Best and the Biggest platform is medium. Most people including myself like it and use it to write and publish our works there and there are millions of readers as well.

The Best Web Platform; Medium:

Medium is the best blogging platform of them all and it is an open platform and a publisher. Anyone can write a piece on Medium and, as long as it’s not in violation of their (medium) rules, have the potential to find an audience. Medium is one of the largest bundles of the original content of its type, so it’s a great value for readers.

For those unfamiliar with the website, Medium.com is basically the YouTube of writing. Much like YouTube, if you join Medium, and write amazing articles of your choosing, then you can earn money when paying members to read your stories.

Everyone here both writers and readers celebrate diverse voices and believes that good stories can come from anywhere. Every writer tries to care about their quality and they want to put their best work on Medium for their honorable readers and followers.

It’s been estimated that nearly 2 MILLION articles get published per day. Dissecting this even further in the world of online sharing. That’s a lot of content. And somewhere in that mix lies your one article.

Medium makes it incredibly easy to build an audience. All we have to do is publish valuable content, and readers who enjoy our work can follow us with the click of a button. When we publish, our followers have a better chance of seeing our stories in their feed.

And It started as a platform for writers to publish without distractions. Today, Medium is a platform built for sharing our words with readers around the world. All we have to do is write what we want to say, hit publish, and walk away. The rest is handled for us, and, if we’d like, we will get paid for our words. That’s why I still write on Medium and think you should, too.

Why do different people want to write?

Before we decide on anything in life, we normally have a ‘why’. Questions can be Why do I do this? Why do I value this over that? Why am I not happy when X happens? The answers to this can differ from success to leaving a legacy behind, having a positive impact on the lives of others, and more.

As a writer, every writer needs to understand their ‘why’ when wanting to pursue writing as a professional career or just as a hobby or anything.

Everyone has a different reason because Writers write for a lot of reasons, and they differ according to the personality of the writer. Some, write for money and I think they are few. Other people write because the writing process is their hobby, or they found themselves or their feelings in writing. Maybe, they are wasting their spare time, too.

There are different kinds of writers so there are their own purposes and the reason behind writing anything;

  1. A novelist may write because they are inventive and see the world as inspiration for stories to tell.
  2. The writers of articles want to make specific points. What kinds of points they make, through the medium of the article format, are indicative of each writer’s needs and desires.
  3. Some writers write because they believe that there is a problem they should write about and use the word as a weapon against things.
  4. Some writers are informed about something that has a message and uses words for the empowerment of self or others.
  5. Some writers use writing as a form of therapy and write journal-type articles which lay bare their symptoms.
  6. Some writers write them because it’s a way to occasionally make some money with their skill or knowledge, or because it’s a way to pay their bills or do other things to live a better life.
  7. Some writers simply write them to express their love, appreciation, or criticism of the things they care about, like food, movements, literature, or whatever.
  8. Some writers write for self-expression, to be heard, to find kindred spirits, or in the best of all possible worlds, to attract fans.

As we see, the answer is different even though there is no one answer to why a writer writes. There are as many reasons as there are writers almost and every writer’s voice speaks to who they are, what they think is important, and what they feel compelled to put out in the world as a representation of who they are also It depends on the writer's goals; so the list of reasons hasn’t a fixed number.

For every decent writer, there is an audience somewhere, and writing anything is a way to reach that audience. writing anything is short and suitable for the abbreviated attention span of most modern readers.

Fewer people read books these days, and writing a book is a lengthy process that not all writers can commit to but an article can be written in a relatively short time.

What is mine why?

I know why I am here, I mean on Medium. I often wonder if Medium understands why I am here. I loved the platform and the idea that we could make a few bucks while doing something we enjoy!

It offers a voice to everyone, it’s elegant, and it is free to join as a writer.

After a couple of months on Medium, I am realizing that competition and striving for excellence are not why I am here. I do want to improve as a writer and explore other types of writing. That seems to be a pretty reasonable goal. Being “the best” is not a priority.

I don’t want to be limited to a niche, even though it would be possible to reach a lot more people, get a lot more views, and such if I did. I thought about what my niche might be, and honestly, I don’t have a clue. There just isn’t any great big visionary truth boiling in my veins that needs to be let out.

There are a lot of issues I want to spout off on, some of which might be useful to some people. And there are topics I know a little bit about writing, photography, sports, and spiritual things- which are areas where I pretty much usually know what I am talking about. My self-help-type articles seem to do well, but I’m not that great at following my own advice.

I write much variety of things and i have many different reasons and purpose to write on different things in different time. My writing is part of education. I do it to draw out readers’ selves their original thinking. It is also to bring about a deeper personal understanding of what’s happening to and for all of us as we apply science to our everyday world.

Goals could be:

  • clear misconception about Islam and culture
  • learn new different things and change mindset
  • I try to write about things I think are amazing to me because I want to use the word to give power to the things I valued.
  • Sharing knowledge and showing credibility without sounding arrogant
  • I want to help my readers learn something. And that something almost always has to do about writing fiction or nonfiction.
  • I enjoy writing and I love my current career and i love to learn new technologies by self-taught and also want to write about them for two main reasons. First, write about those things which we learned recently can be remembered for a long time and the second main reason is I want to build my theory-based knowledge and share it with others who are interested to learn for their professional career.
  • I wish to serve others by sharing my experience with different things.

There are a few main goals and purposes to write on different things and publish on medium but I have some more purposes and goals as well. may next time I will talk about them.

“If you wait for inspiration to write you’re not a writer, you’re a waiter.” Dan Poynter

I always wanted to be a writer. And, having a medium to publish my articles and get noticed by people was amazing. And, every time I decided on a topic, I would research a bunch about it and this helped me in gaining a lot of knowledge on different topics. It even made me start reading the news every day.

My Journey of writing :

I fell in love with writing in 2018 and started my journey by writing poems in English and publish on allpoetry.com but actually, it's my childhood dream to write a book on some hidden interesting facts about different religions and countries and how people live their life according to their religious teachings and culture and how they celebrate their different religious and some other festivals and so on.

But as life progressed, I have written less and less due to work and social commitments. I still have quite a stack full of incomplete stories in my Evernote app’s notebook.

I created some social pages on Facebook and Instagram about it where from time to time I share some facts about different religions and countries also I am keen to read and listen to different languages songs and poems as well so I share other writers’ masterpieces work on my pages.

Anyway let’s back to our main topic;

I started writing poems back in 2018 and first, I just had shared them with some friends on their social media accounts and on my social accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and Instagram. My friends loved my writing and even sometimes asked me about any new writing on anything. I had just a few friends who are my few beginner readers to please, and my success depended on me doing just that.

That continued this way. Up to this point, as I already told you that I hadn’t published anything publicly. My friends were my only audience. That all changed one day when my friend who was from Bosnia was so pleased by one of my poems that she suggested I publish it online. And i really liked her idea to publish somewhere with my name. She was worried about copyright. This was very new to me. I had no idea where to start, so I started by googling.

I looked for the best places to publish my work. I’m sure I looked through a couple of options, but I landed on a simple platform that was beautiful and easy to get started. It was called allpoetry and the year was 2018.

They have some of their own rules for publishing there. They have some features free but it's paid platform. Anyone who wants to write and publish there, can only one time publish their work within 24 hours there. I had found some other platforms too but personally, I did not like maybe I did not feel comfortable there.

I had written and published around 155 plus poems before I joined the medium in allpoetry platform.

As an Urdu speaker, I am not good at writing, partially because I could write in poor English and am new to self-publishing. it will take me few time to improve my writing skills. i spend five to seven hours writing 200 to 300 words. With time, I learned how to write on different topics.

I shared my poem with my American friends to correct grammatical mistakes I did in my writing work.

How do I arrive on Medium?

I started writing for Medium around January 2021. First, I was just reading other writers’ work which I liked and inspired from their work. A few months later, I decided to start writing here on medium instead allpoetry. As I told earlier Any writer who wants to write and publish anything there, just can do it one time within 24 hours but we can write and publish without any restrictions on medium. In one year in medium, i did not find any restrictions like others. So, we writers can write and publish how much we can and want here in a medium.

For me, it is freedom and I liked it.

My first purpose was to write about a tech blog here in the medium after learning any new technologies and some of those things which I already knew and have experienced about them but I wrote a couple of articles with different contents. But I made a few mistakes that could’ve easily been avoided in the beginning.

I write what I want to say, hit publish, walk away

I started some series of articles on different things most common and important series about Islam. Being Muslim and an ordinary follower of Islam I had some bad experiences, especially after the Afghanistan war. I noticed at different times that most people from western countries have a lot of misconceptions even sometimes some biased and rude People called me different bad words which hurt me.

Once again it happened after starting writing in medium and I decided that I will write about Islam and will try to show true Islam and clear those misconceptions inside them. yeah, it's a really hard job especially when I am not religious scholars or preacher. So it's one of the biggest challenges in my whole past life which I had accepted.

As I said I am just an ordinary human being and Muslim I always research and study before writing anything about Islam and recently I wrote one article about Holy Spirit in Islam and Christianity. It was a really amazing experience, especially since I do not know too much about Christianity. I had decided a few months later to start the Islam series to write about other religions especially Ibrahim religions or Abrahamic religions which are three Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

I always research and read a lot before writing on anything especially religion and culture because some areas are most sensitive and easily hurt and people get angry, especially about religions.

My main purpose behind writing about Islam and other Abrahamic religions is clear misconceptions and to bring people close to each other so that people can exchange their happiness and joy with each other. And the second purpose is to share a positive message with the entire world.

Personally, Belief, Positive something thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

Misconceptions can be based on faulty or mistaken beliefs, or they can be simply the failure to understand properly. There seems to be no academic consensus about religion itself, which may also cause misconceptions about the religion. Sometimes the misguided ideas we carry about religion can be the greatest obstacle to spiritual growth.

The ways to remove that misconception are:

  • Read about Religious Holy Sacred Text Like Quran & Sunnah which are two main and primary sources to know about Islam
  • Some Sacred Conversations between these Abrahamic religions in a positive environment

and there are some other ways as well. I will cover this topic next time in a new article there inshallah I will talk with some references from Quran and bible as well.

Now I am going to talk about poetry. I love poetry in different languages which I listen to with English translations. I will share the purpose and reason behind it next time.

I am going to motivate myself and keep writing. but I am really going to make an effort in writing. I still write a lot. I just don’t publish them. They just sit in my drafts folder. I want to write about Philosophy, Religion, Writing, and Books. I don’t want to do that for any other reason than that it comes from a true passion in my heart.

I find that ABSOLUTELY fantastic.

Final Thoughts:

Life is an adventure that can best be experienced with an open mind. The joy of writing is sharing what I have learned, some firsthand but mostly from others.

Being the best is fine if that is what we desire. I have something else in mind and invite you to explore it with me.

Each of us who writes on Medium is here for a reason. My purpose is to spread knowledge and help each other to teach and learn new things also these platforms bring different faith believers and followers close to each other and share their things about their religion and culture and clear those misconceptions which caused us to hate and negative intentions and thoughts for each other. My secondary purpose is to stir readers to think. And in the process, I am often stirred to move beyond my own views.

I was in a whole new world, and I was loving it.

What I really want is to share my inner world. I want to have some meaningful interaction with other writers, and other thinkers. That is the main thing.

The greatest asset of a new writer is that you can write without fear

I developed a habit of reading my articles and stories out loud. Then, once I heard that my writing was making sense and it was flowing reasonably smoothly I moved on to publishing in the medium. It’s a great place for writing community, mentorships, friendships, and great content when we learn how to sift through the not-so-great content.

Hope this article inspired you to do something that you always wanted to do but lost interest in, due to something. If so, please recommend this article and follow me on Medium.

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I write to keep you thinking and to keep me thankful and reflective and until next time, keep reflecting.

Thank you for reading!

Finally, I pray to Allah to benefit those who read this article and others, grant me truthfulness in what I say and do, preserve my thoughts and my pen from deviation and guide me in all my affairs.

And all praise and thanks are due to Allah, without Whose help and guidance nothing can be accomplished. May Allah bless you with happiness, success, guidance, health, and knowledge. May Almighty Allah give us the strength to follow the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and make us part of the group who is among the most righteous! Ameen.

Be patient with yourself. And Keep learning!!

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